How many planets have gravity?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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all of them

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Q: How many planets have gravity?
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Where do the planets get gravity?

Planets have gravity because they have mass.

Why does earth have gravity and other planets don't?

The other planets do have gravity.

What is gravity and how does it affect planets and the oceans?

gravity is something that can affect the planets.

Do the inner planets have gravity?

Yes. All planets have gravity. Earth is one of those inner planets.

Why is there no gravity on most planets?

The premise of this question is incorrect; all planets have gravity.

Does the sun give planets gravity?

No. Planets have gravity as a result of their own mass.

How does gravity help to form planets?

the planets were formed by gravity because starts had gravity around them witch caused them to become bigger and be planets i think.. idk

Are planets held in place by gravity?

Yes they are the sun has gravity that holds the planets in place.

Are all planets held by a force called gravity?

Not all of the planets are held by gravity.

What part does gravity play in the paths of the planets?

Gravity is the force which directs the path of the planets.

Which planet has gravity?

All planets have gravity.

Where does the gravity that holds the planets in their orbits come from?

The gravity that keeps the planets in orbit is the sun's gravity, which is a product of the sun's mass.