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Pea flowers are self-pollinating. About two days before the flower even opens, the anthers at the top of the stamen, which are the male part, burst and release the pollen. This sticks onto the stigma and fertilizes the ovary - these are the female parts. In many flowering plants, the stigma will not accept pollen from the same plant and fertilization must occur through other means, such as insect pollination after the flower opens. For gardeners, self-pollination is an advantage as it means more than one type of pea can be grown close together, as cross-pollination will not occur.

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Q: How does pollination take place in pea flowers?
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How could self-pollination take place?

Self-pollination could take place in many different flowers like a pea flower or a daisy. ect...

Can pollination in pea plants happen in three ways?

No, it can not. Pea plant flowers are self pollinated.

How did Mendel prevent pea flowers from slef- pollinating and cross- pollination?

Mendel prevented self pollination in pea plant by emasculation and cross pollination by covering the flower buds with paper bags.

How did Mendel control pollination in pea plants?

Mendel removed the anthers from the flowers on a plant.

How did gregor Mendel cross pollinate flowers?

Gregor Mendel studied pea plants. Pea flowers have both male and female organs. He removed the stamen and hand pollenated the flowers so he was sure of the cross. If you search on cross pollination images, you will get pictures of this.

To perform his experiments how did Mendel prevent pea flowers from self pollinating and control their cross pollination?

He cut off the pollen

How did Mendel prevent pea flowers from self-pollinating and control their cross-pollination?

By placing a bag or sack over the plant to keep the pollen away from the other plants.

Why did mendel remove the anthers from the pea plants when performing cross-pollination in his experiment?

So that the flowers wont self pollinate.

How did Mendel prevent pea flowers from self-pollinating and control their cross pollination?

He used a brush to wipe the pollen of of the flower and placed it on another plant causing forced self-pollination.

What is bud pollination in plants?

In some plants example pea,wheat and rice, the anthers and stigmas of bisexual flowers ripen before opening of buds.self pollination occurs before the flower opens.

Examples of self pollination?

Pea, gram and pigeon pea etc.

How did Mendel pea flowers from self-pollinating and control their cross-pollintation to perform his experiments?

Pea flowers are self pollinated but to ensure 100 percent self pollination Mendel covered the flower buds by paper bags before anthesis.

Pea Plants usually reproduce by self polination?

Pea plants can produce by self pollination. However, that is not the only way that they reproduce. Pea plants can also produce by cross pollination.

What are the two methods of sexual reproduction used by pea plants?

Cross-pollination and Self-pollination are the two methods used by pea plants in sexual reproduction

Pea plants are usually reproduced by what?

Cross Pollination

How do pea plants pollinate?

There are two ways they can pollinate. One way is to self-pollination and the other is cross pollination by insects.

When a pea plant pollinates itself the process is called?

Self Pollination

How did Mendel cross pollinate pea plants?

by emasculation and hand pollination

What are the example of self pollination plant?

Pea, gram, peanut etc.

Do pea plants have flowers?

Probally Not

What is a climbing plant with pea like flowers?

"Sweet Pea" (Lathyrus odoratus)

Mendel obtained his p generationby forcing pea plants to?

my answer is self-pollination

Why did Gregor Mendel use pea pod plants?

Gregor Mendel used Pea pod plants as they were easy to use, and fast growing. As in some plants, growing to full maturity may take months and even years. Pea pod plants are quick growers and extremely fast at maturing. Benefits: -Each pea in the pod is an offspring, meaning multiple offspring per plant -Colored flowers -Rapid generations due to life cycle -Cross- and self-pollination

Where did the princess and the pea take place?

This is not a real story. Where it takes place in the story is in a castle.

What is true of the color of pea plants?

Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers.