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In at least two distinct ways, the norms of society can be reinforced by religion, education, and the family. First, all three provide different voices of authority that may reinforce society's norms. Second, all three provide distinct venues (or, more simply, space) in which society's norms may learned and enforced.

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How do family relegion and education shape the values of americian society?

Family religion and education shape the values of American society in that a person's religion and education influences the way they respond to other people and the way they vote. Those influences also effect the way a person chooses to live, to work, and to interact with other members of society.

What are the five important institutions in American society?

family, education, economics, religion, and political sectors.

What are 8 parts of society that are influenced by culture?

The 8 parts of culture are, education, family, religion, government, art, medicine, marriage, and technology.

What is the influence of education on society family?

the gace

What are the five main elements of culture and describe how it shape social behavior in society?

politics, economies, arts, sports, education, family structure, religion, language =)

5 pillars of society?

the five pillars of society are the church, Government marriage, Family, and education,

What are the 5 pillars of sociology?

politics, religion, education, family and economy

What are three important institutions in your culture besides family and education?


What are Three institutions in society which control peoples beliefs and ideas?

media, family and religion

What are the major parts in society?

family, politics, religion, social control, industry or work.

What is agency in sociology?

an agency is what point makes up socialisation, such as , your peers, family(which is considered to be the most important one), education, religion and workplace. Socialisation is to teach people the norms and values of society, and to make the people a acceptable member of society. Thankss. xx

6 agents of socialization?

Family Education Media Religion Peer Groups Work Place

What are the six influences on political attitudes?

FamilyGenderReligionEducationRace EthnicityRegion

What are the five basic institutions?

The five basic institutions are family, economy, religion, education, and economy.

What are the Different themes of drama?

different themes of a theatre religion royalty family love society

What was the heart of Roman society?

The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.The heart of Roman society was the family.

What are the major agents of socialization in society?

Though the agents of socialization vary from society to society, the major agents include family, school, peers, mass media, religion and workplace.

What is a family background?

Personal character, and it can also include matters like genealogy, professions, education, religion etc.

Why would people not believe in god because of religious upbringing?

Thankfully, the human race has diverse individuality. The religion "family" does its best in conforming society to its beliefs but individuals are able to form their own belief system though experience and education.

When speaking about a member of society normally one must mention the relation of the member to several domains eg its relation to the education and health what other domains are necessary to cite?

Other domains that are necessary to cite include religion, family, etc

Is individual as a social product in the field of socialogy?

yes definitely, individual is a social product. man is rightly called as a social animal. he cannot survive without his society. there are different social forces or elements of society that affect individual such as he is born within a society. then family, a basic unit of society socializes him. afterward, the peer group, the religion, the educational institution, the mass media and other social agents help him a lot in improving his personality. he fulfills his basic needs from the society. for this purpose, he is affiliated with the social institutions such as economics, family, education, religion and political institutions. all the aspects of his social life are encompassed by the society. in short from cradle to grave, his life is associated with the society because he spends all his social life within the society.

How do you lower crime rates?

Jobs religion and family all help. Curfew might be a help also. Education as well.

Where do Hindus practice religion?

Everywhere. Aupmanyav adds: The practice of a religion is in the family and in the society. Basically how does one acts. A Hindu has a requirement to fulfill his duties and engage in righteous action.

Who was ceasers family society?

Caesar's family was a Roman society. His family was patrician.

What has the author Penny Edgell written?

Penny Edgell has written: 'Religion and family in a changing society' -- subject(s): Church work with families, Family, Religious life, Religious life and customs 'Contemporary American Religion: An Ethnographic Reader'

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