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easy, the urinary system uses it so you can have you period and get rid of waste products from your cells and your hormones.

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Q: How does reproductive system work with other systems?
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How does the reproductive system work with the other systems with your body?


What other systems does the reproductive system work with?

The Endocrine System because the Endocrine system transmits the hormones that the Reproductive System uses to reproduce, nurture, and give birth with.

What other systems does the male reproductive system work with?

The urinary or excretory system works with the reproductive system in males. The penis contains the urethra, the terminal duct for both urinary and reproductive tracts.

What systems work with the male reproductive system?

excretory and circulatory

What systems work very closely with the digestive system?

the reproductive system or the excretory system

What body systems do obstetricians work with?

They work with the reproductive system and deliver babies.

What other systems do the nervous system work with?

Many if not all of the systems such as skeletal system, cardiovascular system, Muscular system, Endocrine system, urinary system, reproductive system, respiratory system, digestive system, Lymphatic system, and integumentary system.

What are two human body systems which often work together to maintain homeostasis?

the reproductive systems and endocrine systems, endocrine system and nervous system are two human body systems which work together to maintain homeostasis

How does the muscular system coordinate with with other systems?

a description of how the muscular system work with other body systems

How does the reproductive and intugmentary systems work together to promote homeostasis in the body?

well.. what i know is that homeostasis greatly depends on so many factors. I can give two systems: central nervous system and endocrine system. CNS maintains and regulates all body processes. For this matter it is responsible for endocrine system to actively work. On the other hand, the endocrine system pertains to hormones that aids the body's internal activities. The reproductive system greatly interacts with CNS and endocrine systems in order to maintain homeostasis. Malfunction of these systems can affect a person's reproductive system. Please research on the relativity of the three systems for scientific basis. This is the best answer i can give. I hope it is relevant to the question. -butz-

What other system work with the circulatory system?

all of the systems work togetherdigestiverespitorylymphaticreproductiveimmunenervousmuscualr

What other systems work with the immune system?

It work with the circulatory, and the lymphocytes system.

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