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How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?


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Alakazam, Gengar, KAdabra, sneasel, sandslash and others

Luxray can learn strength which will move big boulders. hope i helped!

27 my lucario learnt aura sphere lv37

Kadabra will learn it not sure when.

chimcha can learn the move flamethrower

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

your Pokemon CANT learn cut in ruby, sapphire or emerald. you have to trade a Pokemon that's holding the TM cut (from sinnoh region game, platinum, diamond and pearl) then take it off them and they can learn cut.

A Bronzong cannot learn the move Psychic on its own. You'll have to teach it TM29 Psychic to have the move.

37 in diamond if it doesn't learn it use move remember

In Pokemon diamond many Pokemon can learn flash for eg. Electric Pokemon such as Pachurisu Pichu and Luxray all (eveloutions) and yeah just experiment and see what can learn flash!

Keckleon Mightyena and oall the pokemon learn using a TM.

yes Arceus can learn aura sphere because it is the god of pokemon. Also Arceus can learn 529 moves out of 559 moves

Riolu first has to evolve into Lucario in order to learn Aura Sphere. However, if you own Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia you can download a special mission called Rescue the Kidnapped Riolu through wifi. After you complete the mission you are able to transfer a special Riolu that knows Aura Sphere to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions.

almost every single water Pokemon can learn surf.

Yanma can sometimes be found on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City. You could also catch and evolve a yanma from HeartGold or SoulSilver (found on Route 35 during a swarm) and trade it over to your Pokemon Diamond version. Yanma evolves once it learns AncientPower. You can obtain yanma on Firered or Leafgreen version in Ruin valley and migrate it over to your Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum version have it learn AncientPower...and there you have it, you're very own yanmega.

I'm afraid you can't. Only Lucario can learn aura sphere. Sorry!

You are not able to get Aura Sphere as a TM unless you hack. If you can't/do not want to hack then you will be still be able to get it the harder way. You can get any legendary (discluding Arceus) and level it up to level 100. When it gets to level 100 it will learn Aura Sphere. Lucario learns it at Level 34. Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina learn aura sphere at level 90.

It can learn it but by tm. Buy it from the Veilstone department store.

Any dragon Pokemon can learn Draco meteor. Hope this helped!

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