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Mixing salt and water does not make electricity. However, when the salt (NaCl)ionizes in the water meaning the Na+ ions and the Cl+ separates in the water, it creates an electrolyte. The term electrolyte means that the solution of salt and water can conduct electricity.

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Q: How does salt and water mixed together make electricity?
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No, sand and water mixed together don't make a solution

Do water and salt mixed together make crystals?

When mixed, it is a solution. If left to sit, the salt can partially distill out of the solution. If the water is left to evaporate, there will be crystals.

Why is sulphuric acid used in electrolysis of water?

Water breaks down to form hydrogen and oxygen when electricity is passed through it. Water is a bad conductor of electricity, so it is mixed with sulphuric acid or caustic soda to make it a good conductor of electricity.

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How can salt and water be separated once it is mixed together?

Heat the mixture, which will make the water evaporate, leaving behind the salt.

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Water at a height, pipework and a hydroelectric generator make electricity.

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Why do acids conduct electricity when mixed with distilled water?

When you add an acid to water you make ions, and ions conduct electricity. For instance, if you add hydrochloric acid, HCl to water, you make H+ and Cl- ions in water. Water with ions in it, also called an electrolyte, will conduct electricity. The ions are able to carry charge and they are free to move in the solution.If you add a base to water, the same effect works just as well. All you need to conduct electricity in water is free ions in solution. Adding table salt to water will also work.