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It doesn't. Tap water freezes faster than salt water.

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Water will freeze faster than salt water.

no salt water does not freeze faster than sugar.

Salt water does not freeze faster than regular water... When salt is put in water, it stops the water from freezing, and it needs to be colder than usual.

Fresh water freezes faster than salt water, yes.

Salt water does not freeze faster than pure water, and it freezes at a lower temperature. Salt is a form of anti-freeze, which is why it is put on roads in the winter, to help melt the snow.

Pure water freezes faster than water with impurities. If tap water has a lesser concentration of impurities than salt water the tap water will freeze faster. Some municipalities who have petroleum products in the tap water will likely freeze after the salt water.

Sugar water freezes faster than salt water. However, regular tap water will freeze faster than either salt, or sugar water.

The addition of the impurity salt to water depresses the freezing point of the liquid. Thus, fresh water will freeze sooner than salt water.

No, it doesn't because the salt water has more impurities than salt water. :D

Yes because salt is a substance that has high salinity and high temperature. Which means, salt will not freeze, unless you give it days or a week. Soda can freeze slower than salt, but not faster than water. Water probably is the fastest thing that freezes.

Salt water freezes at a lower temp than fresh, meaning colder. It may freeze faster when chilled enough be cause the salt would disrupt the plateo of the water so it may freeze faster.

On the contrary, it takes longer for salt water to freeze - it freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water does.

Sugar water will freeze faster than salt water.

That would depend upon the concentrations of these solutions, but yes, sugar is a less effective anti-freeze than salt is.

haha i dunno :) If you throw salt on an icy road it melts the ice so therefore water with salt in it would freeze a lot slower than pure water,

Salt water actually does not freeze faster than distilled water. The dissolved salt molecules disrupt the crystal lattice structure of the ice, resulting in a requirement for a lower temperature before the water molecules can crystallize into ice.

Water with 1 gram of salt completely dissolved in it will freeze faster than an equal volume of water with 2g completely dissolved in it.

Does water freeze faster than vinegar?

Sugar water freezes faster because it is polar and its bonds are less complicated and strong as the normal water and salt water.

Tap water would freeze faster but salt water would allow the waters freezing point to be lowered.

No, it doesn't. Salt raises the density of water which raises the time it takes for it to boil. Also, because it raises the density, salt water will actually freeze faster than fresh water.

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