How does science change sports?


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science makes sports boring.

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Sports Science is a TV show that shows you what really happens to people when they are playing sports and how bad it can be

you can use your science knowledge in sports even to win a game.

science in sports is determining the speed of the ball with your power. sports are not about hitting as hard as you can, its also about hitting it with perfect combination of accuracy and strength.

Marie curies fields of science were Sports science

How do you build a working model of science and technology for games and sports?

You can be a sports coach after doing this course.

how did science change in Victorian time change

DragonflyTV - 2002 Sports Science - 2.3 was released on: USA: 2003

DragonflyTV - 2002 Sports Science - 3.2 was released on: USA: 2004

Sports INVOLVE a lot of science, but I don't believe sport is considered a legitimate science.

All of them. Anything that you can perceive with any of your senses involve science.

You could probably get a job in sports health and as a councelor in sports health or a trainer.

to make better sports equipment for eg.clothes shoes etc.

DragonflyTV - 2002 Sports Science 2-3 was released on: USA: 2003

DragonflyTV - 2002 Sports Science 3-2 was released on: USA: 2004

Sometimes peoples personalities can change when they play sports.

its where you study things like why the ball moves, how you use natural occurences to benifit you sports team basically sports science

hey here to answer your question , sports acrobatics can be related to science if you think about the body and how it gets fit with sports and how your body tends to adapt itself to these workouts. xxx hope i could help xxx

Chemical science, because yeast is irreversible. Chemical Change: Irreversible Physical Change: Reversible

Expressive-Active Recreation

Facts in science change because scientists do experiment's and find out new things.

Science is a method of discovery. It can't change anything. It can help you learn about your environment and the universe.

to get more nolege about science we could be wrong so you could go back and change it

Play sports safely, and teach proper techniques to little children.

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