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The sea turtle can actually turn to the side if faced with a predator like a tiger shark, which will try to get the shell or a flipper in its mouth. When the turtle turns its shell facing the shark, the shark can't wrap its mouth around the shell, so it acts like a shield.

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What animals compete with the leatherback sea turtle for food?

The leatherback turtle does not have competition for its food. This turtle mainly eats jellyfish and the venom from the jellyfish helps the turtle against predators.

Are sea turtles prey or predators?

a sea turtle is a predator

How does tube worm defend itself from predators?

It does not. It does not have predators in the deep sea.

What are the natural predators of the sea shore?


Does a green sea turtle have predators?


What are sea turtles predetors?

when a sea turtle is young and making its way to the ocean its predators are dogs, foxes, birds, and crabs. for an adult sea turtle its predators are whales and sharks.

What are the predators of the loggerhead sea turtle?

the predators are man, sharks, and big craters

What are predators to a jellyfish?

I thing it was the Leatherback Sea turtle.

What are 5 five predators of the sea turtle?

The 5 predators of the sea turtle are mainly Tiger sharks. Tiger sharks mostly eat the adult sea turtles. Other predators are dogs, fishes, seabirds and crabs, they eat the eggs or the hatchlings of the sea turtles.

Does The Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Have Any Predators?

Yes, Kemp Radley Sea Turtles do have predators they are crabs and racoon's.

How do sea sponges defend themselves from predators?

With spicules and spongin

How does a sea turtle catch its pray and help it escape predators?


How does a green sea turtle protect itself from predators?

its shell

How does a sea turtle defend its self?

it defends its self by using its shell

How do sea turtles use there shell?

sea turtle use there shell to fend off predators

What are the predators of the sea turtle?

One of the predators of the sea turtle is the tiger shark. People also eat turtles. If an animal can get through the turtle's shell, they will eat the turtle. The shell is the turtle's defense, among other uses. Gulls and crabs eat turtles.

Does a sea turtle have fur?

no but insted the have a scaley shell which is there home and protects them from predators

What are facts about the green sea turtle?

the reason why it is green is because it has to hide from predators,

What are amphipods predators?

whales, sea turtle. really anthing larger than it.

What are some of the natural predators of sea turtles?

the only real threat to an adult sea turtle is a tiger shark and man

What eats chambered nautilus?

A chambered nautilus has predators such as the octopus, triggerfish, shark and sea turtle.

How does a sea turtle hide from predators?

It goes into it's shell. I don't really know, it was a guess.

How many species of sea turtle are there?

There are 6 species of sea sea turtlehawksbill sea turtleflatback sea turtleloggerhead sea turtleKemp's ridley sea turtleolive ridley sea turtle

What makes sea turtle?

A Sea Turtle on a Sea turtle doing it

What eats a sea turtle?

Man, and our fishing nets, where the Sea Turtle will most likely kill itself struggling against the net or killed by the Fisherman/women.

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