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That's an allergic reaction to the smoke, but I doubt that an asthmatic person can be a smoker.

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Q: How does smoking triggers asthma?
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How does smoking affect an asthma sufferer?

Smoke triggers an allergic reaction thus narrowing the bronchi. But I don't believe that a person who suffers asthma could smoke.

Can trying to start smoking late in adulthood generate adult asthma?

no it cannot generate asthma but it wont help you or anyone around you. in this day and age why would you want to start smoking i have asthma and its so hard to stop and reading these answers makes me feel stupid for still smoking dont be daft dont even think about it Smoking is one of the worst triggers of asthma. Smoking late in adulthood can generate asthma, because if your airways are triggered by cigarette smoke, they will tighten day after day until arrival at an attack. However, different people are triggered by different irritants, so smoking only causes asthma in some people.

Can ice cold drinks be asthma triggers?


Can you have a bunny if you have asthma?

Asthma sufferers have different triggers, which cause them to experience an asthma attack or to become wheezy. Examples of triggers are cold weather, laughing, dust or animal hair. If one of your triggers is animal hair, then obviously it wouldn't be advisable to have a bunny.

Can you get cancer from smoking with asthma?

Just by smoking you can get cancer. Asthma just makes it worse faster.

What respiratory disease has psychogenic triggers?

Bronchial Asthma

What are causes of asthma?

asthma has many triggers or causes every person diagnosed wit asma has different triggers such as mold cockroaches and even season change you should know your personal triggers so you can be aware of them

Which is one way that a person with asthma can maintain a healthy respiratory system?

Avoid asthma triggers!

What is a way that a person with asthma can maintain a healthy respiratory system?

avoid asthma triggers (my guess)

What are triggers of an asthma attack?

Each person has differant triggers but dust, pet hair & certain foods are the most common triggers.

Does smoking effect asthma?

it does

Does smoking cause asthma?


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