How does snail reproduce?

  • How do snails reproduce?Snails will be able to reproduce differently than almost any other type of creature because of their species and their make-up. This begins with the build that all snails have. Snails are considered to be hermaphrodites. This means that every snail will have both male and female reproductive organs. This is especially consistent among land snails and most marine snails. The only snails that have not adapted this attribute is some freshwater and marine species, specifically including Apple Snails and periwinkles. These two types of snails still have a separate male and female species. All snails will be considered sexually mature by the time they are one year old. This is because the life span of most species does not last for more than five to seven years, allowing for a faster growth rate of the species. The make-up of the snails will include their reproductive organs on the side of their body. This is close to the top of their body as well, allowing for easier abilities to mate and to grow the baby snails.