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Building on it , walking on it, not using it properly and contaminating it. Construction of any type, mining, deforestation, agricultural soil depletion from poor cultivation practices, creation of dams, manufacturing pollutants, sod farming, improper use of pesticides/insecticides/herbicides and fertilizers, and overpopulation in general.

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Relationship between literature and society?

Most good authors make points about society (mostly the faults), directly and indirectly.

When is the pursuit of self-interest in the social-interest in the globalisation?

When your interest benefits the society directly and indirectly.

What is the role of political parties in society?

Political parties have an important role in society in inducting /influencing the members in the society as political members and in political participation directly or indirectly in the governing the state.

Do pandas contribute to society?

They contribute to Panda society

How does chemistry affect people society?

Chemistry affects the human society directly or indirectly .we observe that our daily life substances are composed of chemical compounds which has both useful and harmful affects.

What did billy the kid contribute to society?

why did billy the kid contribute to society

How does science contribute to society?

It is society.

How did agriculture contribute to the development of Egyptian society?

How did agriculture contribute to the development of Egyptian society?

How did society change with agriculture?

Society of any particular area is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture of that area for example where agriculture is more practiced people will be more attracted towards this occupation in general we can say that society can be determined by the type of agriculture in any area

How did APJ Abdul Kalam contribute to society?

apj abdul kalam contribute parmadu to society

How did Selena contribute to the society?


Does social degradation starts from family?

Yes. Family is the basic unit of society. Lose the family, and you lose society.

How has Oprah Winfrey contribute to society?

Oprah Winfrey has contribute to society because she has helped a lot of people with their problems.

How do astronauts contribute to society?

astronauts do not contribute to society as we know it, they just waist money. that's why there are people hungry in America

What is moral degradation?

A Moral degradation or a moral breakdown is the complete loss of morals within a society. Several conditions can bring this to pass, including political, cultural, conflict issues or a natural disaster. A moral breakdown is indicative of a decaying society.

What are some of the ways society and pressures in society might contribute to individuals getting heart disease?

What are some of the ways society, and pressures in society, might contribute to individuals getting heart disease

What did Rosa parks contribute to society?


What is the Importance of employment?

To contribute to society

What did Emma Watson contribute to the society?


Does Christianity or Islam contribute the most to your society?

In my society, there are more Christians.

How does Judaism contribute to the global human society?

There is one Answer here. It is the re-phrased Q'n: "How does Human Life contribute to the Global Human Society?".

How do coaches contribute to society?

They contribute to the society because they teacher people and they make huge stars later on. Thanks. PEACE, JOY and LOVE

What effects did Martin Luther king Jr have on society?

the contribute is on my report the contribute is on my report

Is law harmonious and peaceful in your society?

can law contribute to a harmonious and peaceful society

What did the Puritans contribute to modern society?