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Cans are filled before the top is crimped on. The key engineering issue is that can walls are about 90 micrometers thick, so empty cans are light, weak, and easy to damage. The filling and sealing operations need to be extremely fast and precise. The filling head centers the can using gas pressure, purges the air, and lets the beverage flow down the sides of the can. The lid is placed on the can, then crimped in two operations. A seaming head engages the lid from above while a seaming roller to the side curls the edge of the lid around the edge of the can body. The head and roller spin the can in a complete circle to seal all the way around. Then a pressure roller with a different profile drives the two edges together under pressure to make a gas-tight seal. Filled cans usually have pressurized gas inside, which makes them stiff enough for easy handling.

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Soda can parts?

A soda can consists of a cylinder, a top, a bottom, and a pop-top.

What has a bottom on top of it?

soda can

Does a cylinder have three faces?

No a cylinder only has 2 faces, the top circle and the bottom circle. If you are confused look at a soda can, the top of the soda can and the bottom of the soda can are your 2 faces.

How do you open Jones soda?

Its a twist top, like a regular pop bottle. The only difference is Jones soda has a metal top instead of plastic.

How many faces does a soda can have?

A soda can has 3 faces. The top, bottom, and the round side of the can are the 3 faces.

What does it take to kill the bacteria on top of top of soda cans?

Washing Soda Cans with kitchen dishwasher liquid or soap water or chlorinated water should help kill or washaway bacteria from Soda cans. - Neeraj Sharma

How much baking soda is needed for brushing your teeth?

just wet your toothbrush then dip it into the baking soda just so that the top of the brush has baking soda+++++++

Does Mentos or pop rocks make soda explode?

no i did the experiment. the pop rocks just float to the top and the mentos fizz up the soda depending on the type of soda

What is the best way to clean a stove top?

Baking soda

How much money is a top of a soda can worth?

five cents

What does tapping the top of a soda can do?

Tapping on the top of a soda can before opening it may help prevent the drink from exploding out of the can when you open it. There are bubbles that stick to the bottom and sides of the can from carbonation. The idea is, if you tap the can before opening it, the tapping will free the bubbles from the can, and they'll float to the top. Then, when you open the can, the bubbles are already floating at the top, rather than pushing through the soda (which causes the explosion).

Does soda help a flower grow?

Yes, soda makes flowers grow 13 inches taller in 3 days top!

What is Pop-Top Can?

soda can or a can that you can open by lifting a metal tab.

Can you Remove top of a can with your teeth?

It depends. If its a soda can yes but a bottle probaly not.

Would it be more difficult to draw soda through a straw at sea level or on top of a mountain?

top of a mountain

Why is there a chemical reaction with baking soda and vinegar?

well first of all the bubbles in the baking soda rinse from the top and explodes! the vinegar has special stuff in it that makes that baking soda explode. that why there is a chemical reaction with baking soda and vinegar. Angelmist473~

How does soda get in a can before you open it?

The cans are filled before the top is attached. Once the top of the can is applied, the can is sealed up and packaged.

What will happen when menthos is added to soda with a balloon on top?

the balloon fills with gas

Are there kitchen products that can put out a small stove top fire?

Baking Soda

Where to buy caustic soda near me in Ahmedabad?

Chemfert Chemicals is leading caustic soda manufacturers, Suppliers in Ahmedabad, India. Get best contact and address details for caustic soda price per kg Chemfert Chemicals has top class caustic soda producers in india.

How do you set up demonstration for the most fizz in soda?

One way to demonstrate the fizz in soda is to connect balloons to the top of a soda bottle. The next step is to measure the inflation of the balloon to find "fizz". Then record your data.

What is the difference between soda cracker and saltine cracker?

The top coating. A saltine is sprinkled with sodium (salt). Used to add salt flavor to soup. A soda cracker is sprinkled with baking soda. Used in baking with sweets.

Where can you buy Green River soda in Washington state?

Top foods shoreline, washington....

How do you keep a can of soda from spraying?

If you hit/flick the top of the can a couple of times, it should help.

How do you get past the people on route 225 in Pokemon diamond?

eat the soda you can get it in the top building.