How does someone find out the origins for Chicago street names?


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Streetwise Chicago: A History of Chicago Street Names by Don Hayner; 1988

ISBN: 0829405968 Publisher: Wild Onion Books


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Named after William Henry Harrison, the 9th president of the US. In regards to the follow-up question: "Is there a definitive listing of the origins of Chicago street names?" The now out of print book - which should be available at public libraries - "Streetwise Chicago: A History of Chicago Names" (published 1988) by Don Hayner and Tom McNamee, is perhaps the one and only book currently available on Chicago street names. It may not be totally "definitive" but it does have some valuable information on street numbering and name changes.

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Olive Avenue is the name of a street in Chicago, IL.

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Addison, Albany, Allen, Anchor and Avondale are street names in Chicago, Illinois.

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Kemper and Kennedy are street names. King and Kingston are street names.Kansas and Keller are street names. Kellwood and Kelsey are street names.

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