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The main symptom is the whistling sound when you breathe, that doesn't go away if you cough. It can sound like you swallowed a cat, or like a teakettle on the boil, or be a very soft sound. It doesn't change whether you breathe through mouth or nose.

Another symptom is a tickle in the back of your throat that isn't helped with cough drops or sipping a drink.

If it is bad, you feel like the air won't go into or out of your lungs fast enough. This doesn't necessarily last for more than a few minutes.

Asthma can be triggered by sudden hard exercise, being in a smokey area, smelling/breathing fumes from cleaning supplies, perfumes, or other irritating things, allergic reactions to pollens and dusts, drinking very cold liquids, eating ice cream, or smelling or eating hot peppers.

It can begin as a result of a bad cold or flu, bronchitis, valley fever, or any other respiratory illness too.

If you think you might have asthma, write down what you were doing when the symptoms started, what makes you cough, and what symptoms you are having. Then GO TO A DOCTOR because there are a lot of things that can help you feel better!

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Q: How does someone know if they have asthma?
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Can asthma make you short?

No. I know someone who has had asthma since he was 2 and he is very tall for his age.

When did someone die from asthma?

a sever asthma attack

Is asthma not contagious?

No, you cannot contract asthma from someone else

Your son has asthma can he join the army?

I would ask a local recruiter or ask someone you know that is in the army.

Can you have asthma at birth?

YES! i know from facts. i was born with asthma.

What kind of people get asthma?

People who get asthma are people who are born with it. People do not know how Asthma started.

What age group is affected by asthma the most?

Mostly children are affected by asthma but there is actually no age limit for someone to obtain asthma.

Why are there more asthma cases today?

because we know what asthma is used to when people had it they didnt know cuz they went to the doctor and the doctor told them they just had a cold because they didnt know what asthma was

Can one die of ashthma?

yes. Someone with asthma can suffer an asthma attack and indeed die.

What happends if asthma is not treated?

the worst is you can have an asthma attack, and die. but if you do you can grow out of asthma!!!!!!!!! i should know i use to have it, not any more

Can someone join the merchant navy with asthma?

No - asthma of any type or degree is an automatic medical disqualifier.

How easy is asthma to catch?

You can't catch asthma from someone, since is not a contagious disease. Asthma tends to run in families, so if your parents one or both have asthma, you have more chances to develop it

How can you spread asthma?

You cannot spread asthma. Me and a couple of my family members have asthma: you cannot spread it. I don't know why, but you just can't or every person in my family would have asthma.

What happened when someone has an asthma attack?

its constiction of the windpipe

Someone who has asthma might use an?

An Albuterol Inhaler. To help during Asthma Attacks. Advair or Flovent or other Asthma medications to help Attacks occur less.

What is good about asthma?

You get to not breath right:) You should get asthma so you can know what is feels like :P

What shape of asthma?

really and truly i know for a fact that asthma is not a shape so sorry did i answer your question.

About 6.3 million children in the US have asthma About 4 million of them had an asthma attack last year What do these statistics tell you about the relationship between asthma and asthma?

These statistics tell you that not every child who has asthma has asthma attacks. I know, much simpler than you thought it would be :)

How is asthma diagnosed?

Asthma has to do with the closing of airways. Mostly brought on by alergies. The main way to tell if someone has asthma is when they can breath in, but struggle to breath out. A weezing sound should occur.

Do any allergies cause coughing?

If you have asthma like me, yes. Allergies make your asthma flare up and cough. if you dont have asthma, i dont know.

Did Leonardo da Vinci have asthma'?

No I don't think Leonardo Da Vinci had asthma.

Does Joe Jonas have asthma?

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How do you know if you have a asthma?

Just go to the doctor

Someone who has trouble breathing when his or her airways are irritated may have which of these?


Can one get infected by asthma while sitting close to the infected person?

In the first place, asthma is not an infection, and no, you can't "catch" it from someone who has it.