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Can you list some books about asthma?


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The Asthma Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know by Francis V. Adams, MD

Asthma (Just the Facts)

All About Asthma and How to Live With It

Ask the Doctor: Asthma

The Asthma Self-Care Book : How to Take Control of Your Asthma

Asthma & Allergies

My House Is Killing Me! The Home Guide for Families With Allergies and Asthma

Why Do I Wheeze?

Children and Asthma:

The Child With Asthma

Childhood Asthma: What It Is and What You Can Do

Control Your Child's Asthma: A Breakthrough Program for the Treatment and Management of Childhood Asthma

The Parent's Guide to Allergies and Asthma

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child's Allergies and Asthma

What Your Doctor May Not tell You About Children's Allergies and Asthma: Simple Steps to Help Stop Attacks and Improve Your Child's Health

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One can find information on asthma treatment from local doctors or from books. There are many books on asthma that gives information for treatment. Doctors can also give useful and reliable information on asthma treatment.

Asthma only affects the breathing of the human body. Asthma is caused by the swelling of the airways. Asthma causes wheezing, a rise or inflammation of the chest, and shortness of breath.

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Someone that is looking to purchase an Asthma inhaler can do so by visiting the website Inhaler Guides. There one will find a list of the different brand of Asthma inhalers that are available. Once the proper inhaler that the doctor has suggested is found simply purchase the product by adding it to your cart and checking out.

I am not 100% sure but if you have asthma then some people might get affect by it.

Not necessarily. But it could affect some people with asthma.

Some peoples asthma is mild but some people have much worse asthma if you want to be a pilot you should ask your doctor how bad you asthma is. then your doctor can determine if you should be a pilot or not

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Asthma facts:Over12% of Australian adults have asthma.Over 30% of Australian school aged children have asthma.700 - 800 Australians currently die from asthma each yearBoys are twice as likely to develop asthma as females.

Emphysema Asthma Bronchitis Tuberculosis

there is no nickname for asthma. y doesn't some one come up with one for it?

No, asthma and bronchial asthma are different. wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath are the symptoms of asthma but when it comes to bronchial asthma there are some other important symptoms you can find that is an asthma attack, mild fever make asthma symptoms worse. You should follow and consider with your local doctor. With that, you may try some home-based natural treatment like "salt therapy" using saltair device, which is available in stores like ""

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