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How does spaceship of UFO works?

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Supposedly the government has several alien crafts and they have used reverse technology to figure out how they work. But unless the government wants to tell us we may never know for sure. The major point with any alien spacecraft seems to be that aliens seem to be able to manipulate gravity. This is what we are lacking, to be able to travel great distances.

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What is an alien spaceship?


Where did the first ufo land?

"UFO" does not mean alien spaceship. So far there is no scientific reason to think even one alien spaceship has ever landed on Earth. UFO just means "I saw something in the sky and I personally don't know what it was."

Is there a thing called a UFO?

Yes, UFO stands for "Unidentified Flying Object" although many think they have seen a "UFO" which most people consider an alien spaceship, no one has actually proven a real "UFO"

When will a UFO spaceship come to earth?

Well first if it is a Spaceship, then it is no longer a UFO. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. However in answer to your question, the answer is nobody knows. There has been and continues to be predictions made by Contactees (People who claim contact with Aliens) and by conspiracy theorists but as yet nothing has come to fruition.

What does an encounter of the first kind involve?

The seeing of a UFO or alien spaceship is what is involved in an encounter of the first kind. This is the first in the four categorizations of UFO incidents. The succeeding encounters are as follows: 1. Encounter of the second kind: evidence, such as the marks that a UFO or an alien spaceship may leave on the ground. 2. Encounter of the third kind: meeting with a space alien. 3. Encounter of the fourth kind: actual abduction by aliens or removal from the scene at which you witness the UFO.

Where are the UFO engine of the spaceship parts in Fantage?

mfg v b8h/';oi br f kxdrj hwyed bnmczkmedr

What do most scientist think UFO are?

as alien spaceship watching our nuclear activity and watching our progress collect our intelligence maybe...

When did people start refering to UFO as an alien spaceship?

Since Roswell, NM in 1947 the term UFO really took off. On the basis that if it was not built by earthlings and couldn't be identified as a natural phenomina then it had to be alien.

Have any real UFOs ever been spotted?

Yes, UFO does not mean alien spaceship, it means Unidentified Flying Object. If you meant alien spaceship, then I would say yes, no, maybe so, but I do believe in Aliens.

Should it be UFO or UFO?

It should be capitalized as UFO, not ufo.

Do 'UFOs' exist?

Of course they do because UFO means "Unidentified Flying Object" but if your talking about an "alien spaceship" then it all depends on your belief's, but i would say yes.

In fantage where are all the UFO engine parts of the spaceship?

3 parts are on the right near the sun block place and one is in the snow near splash and i cant find the other one

What to do after the hover board in poptropica?

the hover board is hovering over the mud then it will take you to a spaceship. hope that this works

How do you get to the UFO in the Simpsons game?

go up the wall with bart and glide onto the spaceship then you jump onto the bar and glide onto the planet go from the planets to the area and let homer up then get homer to stand on the edge of the sattelite and get bart onto earth then go up the pads and jump on the ufo

What is the door to a spaceship called?

spaceship door

What is the DNA of an UFO?

A UFO is normally considered to be an inanimate object when people are thinking of aliens. It is simply an unidentified flying object and so it could be a life-form such as a bird for example which was unrecognised as being a bird at the time. If however you are referring to a UFO which is of alien origin then it is unlikely this would possess any DNA as it would likely be a spaceship made up of inorganic material. If you are actually referring to aliens themselves then the answer is unknown as one has never been met.

What is inside of a UFO?

It is unknown what is inside of a UFO.

What is the plural form of spaceship?

The plural form of the noun 'spaceship' is spaceships.

Is there a UFO in gta vice city?

there is UFO near the film studio but the UFO is a plastic we can not drive it.

How do you say spaceship in Swedish?

Spaceship is rymdskepp in Swedish.

How do you use spaceship in the sentence?

i watched as a Nasa spaceship took off The astronauts boarded the spaceship in anticipation of the takeoff.

What does the F stand for in UFO?

The 'F' in UFO stands for "Flying". UFO is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object.

Where is the UFO museum?

There is a UFO museum in Roswell, NM.

How do get the UFO to work in poptrpica?

You put the rod in the UFO and

How do you make a UFO on alchemy?

Air +metal= ufo