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Q: How does status consciousness impede the smooth flow of communication?
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What is earliest indicator of change in patients neurological status?

level of consciousness

What does the Aldrete scale measure?

the Aldrete scale, which scores the patient's mobility, respiratory status, circulation, consciousness, and pulse oximetry

What are the features of non-convulsive status epilepticus?

Non-convulsive status epilepticus can manifest with sustained or repeating complex partial seizures with a change in mental status, or simply as a focal seizure with limited physical signs but without alteration of consciousness.

What is the definition of communication barriers?

Communication barrier can be defined as the obstacles to communication between the sender and receiver. Communication barrier can be a result of geographic difference, status difference, language or cultural difference, organization environment etc.

The ease with which the colonists could improve their social status depended upon transportation and?


The ease with which the colonists could improve their social status depended upon transportation and what?


What has the author Michael Swafford written?

Michael Swafford has written: 'Perceptions of social status in the USSR' -- subject(s): Class consciousness, Social classes

Which communication include all messages that move between persons of equal status in the organisation?


What creates potential communication barriers between persons of higher and lower ranks?

status differences

What creates potential communication barriers between person of higher and lower ranks?

status differences

What has the author Alfred Goud Smith written?

Alfred Goud Smith has written: 'Communication and status'

What is ubiquitous communication?

Ubiquitous Communication can be broadly defined, but not restricted to, the process by which communications between multiple agents can happen simultaneously and without the restrictions of time. For example, a face to face conversation can only happen once, at one time. Posting a status update on Facebook, allows the communication to pass from the person who posted the status to anyone else within his or her network. The status becomes Ubiquitous, as it does not rely on the person receiving the Status to access it at a particular time, or location. This concept is still in development, and is likely for debate.

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