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When we get heated we sweat. The sweat will then evaporate off the skin and has a cooling effect on our body. If one is going to be in a situation with high temperatures, sweating because of vigorous activity, or if one has a fever; it is wise to drink plenty of fluids. Fluids keep the body from dehydrating and overheating. That is why professional athletes drink plenty of Gatorade.

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What role does the skin play in the regulation of body temperature?

By your sweat glands that regulate sweat in your body.

How do sweat glands help regulate the body temperature?

Sweat glands are intended to help regulate the body temperature in a very simple way. These glands release heated water from the body.

How do Sweat glands help regulate body temperature?

by the heat of your body

What structures in the skin helps regulate body temperature?


How do sweat glands play a major role in regulating body temperature?

They ensure that you regulate your body temperature by loosing heat from the body through sweat.

Describe mechanisms used by the body to regulate body temperature?

If you are hot, your body will sweat to lower the temperature. If you are cold, your body will shiver (contract muscles) to raise your temperature. Those are the main ways your body will try to regulate body temperature.

What glands of the skin secrete their product to help regulate body temperature?

sweat gland secrete sweat to control body temp.

How sweat glands can help to regulate body temperature?

they let heat pass out through your body

A gland located in the dermis of the skin that helps to regulate body temperature is the?

Sweat glands

Two mechanisms where skin regulate body temperature?

Sweat and vasodilation of the superficial blood vessels.

Where does dogs perspire?

Dogs do not sweat. The way that they regulate their body temperature is by panting and by their paw pads.

How does a horse regulate it's body temperature?

Horses sweat - just like other mammals.

How does sweating regulate body temperature?

Cooling is done by evaporation. So when we sweat evaporation takes place and the temperature is regulated.

Why is sweating a healthy and necessary response?

Your body releases sweat when its hot out or when your exercising because your body temperature has risen. This is your bodies natural way to regulate your overall temperature, the sweat helps to reduce or body temperature keeping you from over heating and going into distress.

Explain the various ways in which the skin can serve to regulate an organism's temperature?

The various ways in which skin can serve to regulate an organism's temperature would be through sweat and insulation. The skin excretes sweat on order to cool down the body and the skin also contains body heat by insulation.

How do camels regulate their body temperature?

during day their body temperature is about 40 and at night they cool down and the temperature falls to 34. they are adapted to heat. they only sweat when its too hot.

How does the skin help to regulate body temperature?

The skin has sweat glands which excrete sweat. These glands help in regulating body temperature because when it is hot the glands excrete the heat from the body through sweat and when it is cold the vessels are hidden deeper inside the skin to help retain the warmth.

How does the skin regulate the body's temperature?

In the dermis, the arterioles will dilate and contract in response to body temperature. The eccrine glands will also secrete sweat.

Do dogs stick out their tongues because they are hot?

Dogs pant to regulate their body temperature - similar to why people sweat.

How do sweat glands help regulate the bodies temperature?

The sweat produced is warm - and evaporates easily... this takes heat away from the body - cooling us down.

In what two ways does the skin help regulate body temperature?

liberating sweat at its surface and by adjusting the flow of blood in the dermis.

My hands sweat a lot even when I'm not nervous why do they always sweat?

If your hands sweat a lot when not nervous, you might be having a condition known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis, which also occurs during thermoregulation as your body attempts to regulate the body temperature.

What part of a rats body is used to regulate their body temperature?

The part of a rat's body that is used to regulate their body temperature is the brain stem.

At What temperature does your body sweat?

Your body begins to sweat as soon as the core temperature rises above 98.6

Why do monkeys smell?

Like humans, monkeys possess sweat glands, and regulate body temperature by exuding evaporative fluid out pores in their skin.