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The whale has to be killed to do this. It lowers their overall numbers of the species.

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Why is whale products so valuable?

well one of the main thing people get from whales and fish is lipstick the blubber from a whale and scales from a fish

What is a killer whales threat?

The killer whales threat is humans. We kill them and use their fat (blubber) to make lipstick and other make up. In China and Japan they sell their meat as food.

What do you call the fat of whales?

blubber blubber

What is the function of blubber found in whales?

Blubber keeps whales warm in the icy ocean.

Do blue whales have skin or blubber?

They are covered in Blubber.

What is blubber and why do Whales need it?

Blubber is whale fat.

Do whales have meat or blubber?

Whales have both meat and blubber. People used to use the blubber of the whales to make oil but that is banned now and some people, sadly, are still killing whales. They need to stop!!

Why are the humpback whales hunted for their blubber?

yes they are hunted for there blubber

Do beluga whales have blubber?

Yes. They do. Most of their blubber is in their melon.

What is blue whales blubber used for?

The blue whale's blubber is used to protect the whale from the cold. The heavy layer of blubber has an insulating effect, preventing the whale's organs from becoming chilled in the cold ocean.

Do whales have blubber?


Who needs blubber?


Are blubber from whales?

yup ;)

How much blubber does a polar bear female have?

Bears do not have blubber - whales do.

Is blubber of whales nonrenewable or renewable?

Well you can use blubber for oillamps

Why did people hunt whales?

Whales were hunted for their blubber and oil.

What type of skin do whales have?


Why were seals and whales hunted?

for their blubber

What are Orca whales covered by?


What is a whales covering?

skin and blubber

What are killer whales poached for?

For their blubber.

How can you use blubber in a sentence?

Inuits hunt whales in order to use their blubber.

What is the body covering of whales?

Whales are covered in blubber, which is covered in skin.

Does bubble gum have whale blubber as an ingredient?

It can be made out of whales blubber but you can get chewing gum which is not.

How o whales survive in Antarctica?

They have blubber to keep them warm. Blubber is basically fatness.