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technology has helped us to grow more foods we can get a large quantity of food from a specific area than in old times quality of food is more better and its hygienic. genetically modified food is the best example of technology.


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normally veggies, meat, and dairy. Fish helps your brain grow. cereals help too

Food help to repair wear tear of the body . It gives us energy to grow well. It help to improve our resistance to diseases.

Vitamins help us grow by strenthening our bones

To some extent. Our technology protects us from the environment when indoors but we grow most of our food outdoors.

There are a few things such as fish and meat! These help us your repair bones and make you grow and be stronger!

They help us because they grow crops for the US

it help us by the technology that we are using today

Because in case were in war we have people to help us and we can get food from other countries that we cant grow in the winter.

A device which help us is called technology

They help us by giving us food.

They have vermicompost to help plants grow!

If you are talking about fiber it helps us digest food and keeps the large intestine doing what it does... digest

take the comlete food.

Grasshoppers help us just like any other organisms help us. They are food to other organisms that we use for food.

The only technology that can help us would be telescopes because nothing can get close enough to it without being destroyed utterly.

Pictures of foods that help you grow include fruits and vegetables. Other foods that help you grow are fish and meat.

it does help you grow if you want to be really tall that's what you want to eat!

Technology did NOT help much in discovering meteorites. Meteorites have been collected for hundreds of years, at least.

Food energy helps us grow and develop.

He gave the us the Louisiana purchase

industries are help us for food,cloth,transport.

Technology has given us things like cars, planes, computers, the internet, and other things like that.

technology means senescent day by day science help us to improving man life stile's its also help to improve the technology of art

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