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Changing the temperature will change Keq - apex

(Explanation): Keq is closely related to temperature and is part of the equation, so changing temperature will change Keq. Temperature does speed up the reaction sometimes, but that is not the only thing that it can affect.

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Increasing temperature (by heating up a reaction mixture of reactants and products at equilibrium) will also increase the value of Keq (i.e. more products formed) if products are formed endothermically.

Keq = A * e ^[-H/R.T]

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How does temperature affect the Keq of a reaction?

Changing the temperature will change Keq. (apex.)

How does the temperature affect the Keg of a reaction?

changing true temperature will change Keq (apex)

If keq equals 740 What is favored starting material or product?

Products. keq equals [products] / [reactants] . A (-) Keq indicates a reactant favored reaction.

Do catalysts affect temperature?

A catalyst affects the speed of a chemical reaction. If the chemical reaction gives off heat, the reaction may affect the temperature, but the catalyst by itself doesn't affect the temperature.

How does temperature speed affect the reaction?

Increasing the temperature the reaction rate increase.

How will decreasing the temperature of a reaction affect the chemical reaction?

Decreasing temperature slows the rate of chemical reaction.

How does temperature affect reaction rate hot?

The Hotter the temperature, the faster the particle moves. During the reaction, atoms transfer in different molecules (or compounds), therefore the temperature does affect the speed of the reaction.

How does temperature affect the rate of industrial reaction?

Generally increasing the temperature the rate of reaction increase.

How does the reaction temperature affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

in an exothermic reaction if the temperature is introduced the reaction will reduce and in an endothermic reaction if temprature is introduced the reaction will increase

What does it mean if Keq equals 1?

Products and reactions are equally favored in the reactions

How does temperature concentration and acidity affect reaction rate?

Generally increasing the temperature and concentration the reaction rate is higher.

How does heat affect the rate of reaction?

Increasing the temperature the reaction rate increase.

What does it mean when a reaction has a large value of KMeq?

If a reaction creates far more products than reactants, the numerator is large and the denominator is small. That means Keq will be large. So when Keq is large, equilibrium is to the far right of the reaction. A reaction that goes to completion would have an infinite Keq, since the concentration of reactants goes all the way to zero.If few products form, and many reactants remain, the numerator is small and the denominator is large. So a small Keq means that equilibrium is far to the left.you're welcome.

How does changing temperature affect chemical reaction?

For the majority of chemical reactions increasing the temperature lead to an increase of the reaction rate.

What does it mean keq 1?

products are favored over reactants in the reaction.

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