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when it is cold temperature it forms a solid

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Q: How does temperature affect liquids?
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How does temperature affect the volume of liquid?

Most liquids will expand when heated up.

Does temperature affect Ph levels in water?

The pH of water (or other liquids and solutions) is strongly dependent on the temperature.

How does cold temperature affect density?

there is a property called convection which applies to liquids and gases. that property says colder liquids or gases are denser.

How does the temperature affect how gases and liquids mix?

Duck! How the hall would I know!? I came here to figure that out!

How does different liquids affect roses?

how do different liquids affect a rose

How does temperature affect vapor pressure?

Vapor pressure increases with temperature. As the temperature increases ,molecules of liquid find it easier to escape.

How can temperature affect density in a liquid when temperature is decreasing?

Typically, a lower temperature denotes higher density, but many LIQUIDS are uncompressible (water actually expands slightly as it freezes) and therefore density in maintained. FLUIDS on the other hand encompass both liquids and gasses, of which gasses ARE compressible and will increase in density as temperature drops.

How does the solubility of goes in liquids change with increase in temperature?

Increase in temprature brings about increase in the rate of reaction and this does affect d solubility of the subtance

Do different liquids affect the strength of magnets?

yes i tried and different liquids affect the strength of magnets

Bromine and mercury are liquids at room temperature?

Yes, Bromine and mercury are the only two liquids at room temperature that are elements.

Which metals are liquids?

all metals can liquids at certain temperature mercury is a classical example of a liquids metal

Does temperature affect the solubility of coffee?

An increase in temperature will likely lower the pH of coffee. Coffee is already acidic, but increased temperature allows for more free ions in solution.