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the higher the temperature, the higher the volume of a solid


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Q: How does temperature affect the volume of a solid liquid and gas?
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Related questions

How will temperature affect the volume of a liquid?

As a general rule, increasing the temperature will increase the volume of a liquid (or a solid or a gas)

How does the temperature of a solid affect its volume?

Temperature is closely linked up to volume. In a solid the species are closely packed. As temperature increase so does the molecular vibrations. At a critical temperature the vibrational energy is sufficiently high that the species break their packing and thus melt into a liquid.

What state of matter has a definite volume and a definite shape?

A solid has a definite shape and volume. (but the volume may change with temperature)A liquid has a definite volume but not a definite shape, and a gas has no definite volume or shape.

The volume of any solid liquid or gas will change with what?

Volume ChangesThe volume of any solid, liquid, or gas will change with changes in temperature.

How does solidification affect an objects volume?

The volume of most substances will reduce if the substance changes from liquid to solid.

What are the properties?

THE three properties are solids,liquids and gases, The liquid has no shape but has a volume The solid has a shape and a volume THe gas have no shape or volume

How does temperature affect dissolving a solid in a liquid?

Usually the warmer it is the faster a solid dissolves AND the more of it that will go into solution.

Is the density of gaseous substance likely to be larger or smaller then the density of liquid or solid substance at the same temperature and why?

Temperature in this instance will not affect density, but rather pressure. The density of the gas will be much smaller than the density of a liquid or solid of the same chemical because it is a gas. The formula for density is mass over volume, and a gas has no measurable mass, making the gas always less dense than the liquid and the solid.

Is silver a soild or a liquid?

At normal conditions (temperature, volume and pressure) silve is a solid. It is melted into a liquid to mould it into different shapes ie rings.

What is the relationship between mass volume and density of solids liquids and gasses?

mass is mass for solid, liquid, and gas. density of solid > density of liquid > density of gas volume of solid < volume of liquid < volume of gas There are some exceptions to "density of solid > density of liquid" and "volume of solid < volume of liquid", with some of them being ice / water and rock / magma.

Does a liquid keep its volume?

Liquid is the state of matter that has a defined volume, but not a defined shape. As opposed to a solid which has defined shape and volume, or a gas which has neither a defined shape nor volume. So the short answer is yes, a liquid will keep its volume. However, in the real world the volume of a liquid will vary as temperature and atmospheric pressure conditions change before transitioning to either a solid or gaseous state.

How does temperature affect matter?

As the temperature of the matter gets colder it will become more of a solid. (gas to liquid to solid) As the temperature of the matter increases it will become more of a gas. (solid to liquid to gas) And once the matter gets to be around 10,000 degrees, it may turn in to plasma.

How could you use a beaker to measure the volume of a solid?

The easiest way to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped solid is to use a graduated cylinder and a liquid which does NOT dissolve the solid to be measured. Pour sufficient liquid to cover the solid (an eyeball estimate.) Note the volume of the liquid. Then place the solid into the cylinder with the liquid, and note the volume. The additional volume, i.e., the volume before adding the solid, is then subtracted from the new volume. The difference is the volume of your solid sample.

How can you get the volume of irregular solid?

In general terms, by using the Archimedean principle. If the solid is immersed in a liquid, it will displace a volume of that liquid which is equal to its own volume. The volume of liquid displaced is then measured.

The displacement method for measuring volume?

The displacement method is a method for measuring the volume of a solid. The solid is immersed in liquid and the level of the liquid before it is immersed is subtracted from the level of the liquid after it is immersed to get the volume of the solid.

Why is sugar not a liquid?

Because it is a solid, however if you decide to dissolve sugar into water or another liquid, it becomes a liquid. Sugar at room temperature is not a liquid since its sugar crystals have a definite volume and shape, while a liquid would have to have no definite shape but a definite volume.

Is nonane solid or liquid at room temperature?

A liquid at room temperature

What can you say about the volume of a solid?

The volume of a solid depends on the temperature.

How is a solid different from a liquid in shape and volume?

a solid is different from a liquid in shape and volume because a solid has a fixed shape and a liquid is not a fixed shape and it takes shape of its container.

Is ice a solid or a liquid at room temperature?

it is a liquid at room temperature but solid at 0 Celsius

Is calcium a liquid a solid or a gas?

Calcium is a solid at room temperature. it can be a liquid

What is the solid that can seen as a liquid in room temperature?

It is not possible. You call the substance a solid if it is so at room temperature. It is not possible for a solid (at room temperature) to also be as a liquid at room temperature.

What temperature does a gas change?

any increase in temperature will cause gas to occupy a larger volume, any decrease will shrink the volume to a point it becomes liquid. further decrease will cause a solid to form. at -273 degrees celsius everything is solid

Is propanone solid or liquid at room temperature?

propanone is liquid at room temperature

What is the difference between the methods of finding density of liquid than finding the density of solid?

A solid has air gaps. Density is mass per volume. Volume of the known mass of solid is determined by displacement of liquid in which the solid is insoluble. In case of liquid, the mass of known volume of liquid is determined.