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Q: How does the Australian constitution divide responsibilities between the federal government and the state government?
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What are the differences between Australian government and Afghanistan government?

the corruption

Which amendment creates the system of federalism?

The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution established federalism. It distributes the responsibilities of government between local, state, and national governments.

Similarities between constitutional government and a government with a constitution?

They are both in countries

Differences between viking and Australian government?

They are the same i suppose

What divides the powers of government between the Federal Government and the states?

U.S. Constitution

What is power derived from the consitition?

Power derived from the constitution refers to the authority granted to the government and its branches, as well as the rights and responsibilities it establishes for citizens. The constitution sets the framework for how power is distributed, constrained, and exercised within a political system. It outlines the limits and scope of governmental authority, ensuring a balance between government power and individual rights.

What does the Australian Constitution say about the balance of powers between the two houses?

In short if the senate blocks a bill sent to it by the lower house 3 times a double dissolution of the government may be called followed by an election.

What do the articles in the constitution explain?

The articles in the constitution outline the structure of the government, define the powers and responsibilities of each branch, establish the system of checks and balances, and enumerate the rights of citizens. They provide a framework for governing a country and ensure that the government operates within the limits set by the constitution.

A system of government in which a constitution divides the powers of the government between a National Government and several regional governments?


What is the agreement between the people and the US government?

the constitution

What does federalism look like?

Federalism is a system of government in which power is divided between a central authority (federal government) and individual states or provinces. Each level of government has its own sphere of authority and responsibilities, as outlined in the constitution. This allows for a balance between national unity and regional autonomy.

What is the difference between conistitution law and constitution?

Constitution law refers to the body of laws that interpret and apply a country's constitution. The constitution, on the other hand, is the fundamental law of a country that outlines the structure of the government, sets out the rights of citizens, and defines the powers of the government. In short, constitution law deals with the interpretation and application of the constitution.