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Because they look like ghosts and you cant see there faces.

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The KKK killed people to create fear and intimidate them.

KKK symbols were used to frighten and intimidate.

put a cross in his yard and burnt it no legal action was taken because some mayors and cops were in the KKK

The KKK used guns, their fists, and other weapons to intimidate people with violence and more commonly, the threat of violence.

The KKK killed black people and attempted to intimidate them into not voting.

The KKK subjugated black people, prevented the organization of the Republican Party in the South, promoted Prohibition and targeted moonshiners and bootleggers, and used violence to intimidate people.

The Klan conducted acts to intimidate.

Actual lynching by the KKK is very rare nowdays, but it was done often in the reconstruction era to intimidate Republicans into not voting.

The KKK killed people (especially African Americans and Republicans) to create fear and intimidate people. The goal was to maintain white supremacy and to maintain one party rule in the South, which subsequently lasted for about 100 years.

sam embarrassed them and made them go away

One organization that has used violence within the U.S. is the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). They've used violent tactics to intimidate minorities, mostly African-Americans, from exercising their constitutional rights.

Not really, they killed people in order to intimidate others of a certain minority group into not exercising their rights and to, in the words of Julian Bond, prevent America from becoming a true democracy.Also, the KKK killed people because of their beliefs as a white supereiorety group.

Yes because they killed most of them. maybe over a million.

The KKK used fear and violence to intimidate others.

No, your not a terrorist if your a member of the KKK. A terrorist is when a person who use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments.

The 15th amendment was ratified. This amendment gave equal voting rights to people regardless of race. And serious federal money was spent to stop the efforts of the KKK to intimidate black voters.

I was named that in North Texas. They videotaped me saying I was the Imperial Wizard of North Texas and the Sacrificial Lamb of the KKK. I still don't know what it means but they sure as hell TRIED to intimidate me.

KKK is not good, they killed innocent people.

Black people were the main target of the KKK.

To intimidate a person is to bully them; try to take away their self confidence or threaten them.

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The night riders were basically the KKK and they wanted to intimidate the African American community from expressing their rights.

many people were killed in the kkk because they wanted to die lolz

The original KKK was created specifically to terrorize blacks in the southern states, attacking those who dared get try to be "uppity" or "rise above their place." Later, when the KKK was revived in the 20th century, it added Jews and Catholics to its list of targets. The goal was to intimidate all of these unwelcome people, driving them from areas where the KKK was strong. In the southern states, the emphasis was always on terrorizing blacks, but in the north, the KKK gained strength in significant part because of anti-immigrant sentement. Many lynchings were attributed to KKK activity, as well as arson and bombings, frequently targeting black churches.