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Because he believed some of the same things that were written in the Mayflower Compact.

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whish document included the idea firts sugested by jhon locke

Because they both were going for the same goals like rights and "(stuff)"

The Mayflower compact was less of a constitution that created an actual governing body, but instead was more of an agreement made by the pilgrims before anyone was allowed off the Mayflower. It was based off a church covenant with the word "church" being replaced with "Civil Body Politick", and basically was an agreement to work together in the new world. The process by which they created this new "Civil Body Politick" is remarkably similar to the process by which individuals agree to a social contract that John Locke described in his book, Second Treatise on Government. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, unlike the Mayflower Compact, created a functioning government out of three towns on the Connecticut River. By creating a central government which has power over other smaller, but sovereign governments, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is probably one of the first examples of federalism in the colonies, with the citizens of the towns also being citizens of the new colony of Connecticut. It created a central legislature which could rule over the citizens and the towns, something that was lacking under the Mayflower Compact.

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