How does the ShamWow work?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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The shamwow works by a towel that soaks up wet liquids.

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Q: How does the ShamWow work?
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Who is the shamwow guy?

vince offer and go to the shamwow website it has alot about the shamwow

Did the shamwow actually work?

The Shamwow product works by using microfibers to absorb large amounts of water like a sponge. Shamwows work about as well as anyone could expect a commercial liquid absorbing cloth to work.

Does sham wow work?

Shamwow actually just works like a regular towel. The commercial says it picks up the mildew under the carpet "that is 110% untrue". We tried shamwow on a carpet sample and it did not pickup jack. Probably one of the best carpet stain removers' is "ORECK Housing and Cleaning Spray". This product is way better then shamwow and cheaper. Shamwow cost $14.99 to $19.99;Oreck stain remover is I believe $5.99 to $9.99. Bottomline DO NOT BUY SHAMWOW!

Why did billy mays invent shamwow?

Well, he didn't invent Shamwow, but it is true that his product, Zorbeez, is older than Vince Offer's Shamwow, which Mays claimed to have been stolen.

What Happens if ypu put a shamwow in the toilet?

your shamwow gets wet also it soaks all water up and there is no water in it

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How is the ShamWoW related to science?

It doesn't the ShamWoW is just a tricked out sponge so if your wondering for research purposes just leave it blank

Is the shamwow any good?

I dont know about the shamwow. i have the shammys. allthough i have not used them before so i dont really know, sorry.

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How do you remove a shamwow mop head?

you trim it

How much water does a shamwow hold?

a lot