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it does not swallow the bug it just takes the bugs liquids ang lets the body go after 12 hours

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Why a Venus fly traps trap?

Because thats how they get there food and eat it. First the bug goes into its mouth then it traps it so the bug does not get away and then th bug dies and the venus fly trap eats it.

How do you trap a fly?

I would recommend a bug catcher, or a Venus Fly Trap plant. You can also trap the fly by putting a cup or bowl on top of it when it is on a tabletop.

What can you feed your Venus' fly trap?

You can feed your Venus fly trap flys, bees, spiders, beetles, ants. mostly bug maybe even worms.

Is a Venus fly trap a invertebrate or vertebrate?

A Venus Fly Trap is NOT an invertebrate. A Venus Fly Trap is NOT a vertebrate. It is neither of these, it is a plant.

Where does the Venus fly trap?

The Venus fly trap catches its food where it does

Where do you buy a Venus fly trap?

at a venus fly trap shop

Do venus fly traps eat bees?

can a venus fly trap eat a bee without the bee harming the plant

What is the symbiotic relationship between a Venus fly trap and insects?

ehh example a fly. The fly is not benifiting of the relationship with the venus fly trap. because the fly is the host she is being eating by the venus fly trap.but the venus fly trap is benifiting.

What are all the things that a Venus Fly Trap can eat?

All the things a Venus fly trap can eat is any type of bug or bits of raw hamburger or just water it. Never tease it or it might die.

Is the venus fly trap carnivouous?

The venus fly trap - Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant.

What layer of the rainforest does the venus fly trap live?

what layer does the Venus fly trap live in

What plants have thorns?

* Cactus * Roses * Venus fly trap * Cactus * Roses * Venus fly trap

What happens to the fly after a venus fly trap digested the fly?

The fly dies because of the acids the venus fly trap has,then after a while the venus fly trap opens and the fly falls out if you put a stone or a peice of paper in to the fly trap,after 12 hours it opens and the paper or thing that went in will fall out

What is the energy or nutrints of a Venus fly trap?

a venus fly trap gets a fly and then takes all the nutrents from the fly and makes it its own.

Average of leaves on a venus fly trap?

The Venus fly trap usually has about 7 leaves. If your Venus fly trap has more leaves, it probably means that it has branched off into separate plants.

What is d mode of nutrition in venus fly trap?

The mode of nutrition in Venus fly trap is hetrotrophic nutrition

How does venus fly trap help environment?

the venus fly trap helps people by eating unwanted bugs

Can a venus fly trap eat ladybirds?

Yes because the Venus fly trap works with a trap that when something touches it, it closes so if a lady bird was to go in there then it would close. And considering a Venus fly trap has no scent then there is no reason why a lady bird wouldn't land and get trapped by a Venus fly trap. ANSWERED BY OLIVER QUINN

What climate does the venus fly trap live in?

The venus fly trap is native to and does best in warm jungle temperatures and humidity.

What causes the Venus Flytrap to snap shut on a bug?

When a bug or fly comes into one of the Venus Flytrap's traps, tiny hairs will sense movement and will enclose the trap on the animal to be digested. This process normally takes around 10 days before the trap reopens.

Can you feed venus fly traps chicken?

The Venus Fly Trap uses its massive jaws to open his mouth to an angle of 180 degrees and then chomps on the chicken with the force of 967.7230562048945634896593639786234987562349856234987 mph to crush the chicken and swallow it.

What is the difference between a venus flytrap and a rafflesia plant?

The difference between a Venus fly trap and Rafflesia plant is that the Rafflesia plant is bigger than the Venus fly trap plant. The Venus fly trap also doesn't stink. The rafflesia plant does!!!

Venus fly trap scientific name?

The scientific name for Venus fly trap is Dionaea muscipula

Will you find a Venus fly trap in the rainforest?

A Venus fly trap can be found in the rainforest. However, when they are found in the rainforest they are often larger.

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