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I think it is because the coke goes flat once it is opened and left out for awhile the acid is not as strong The reason the eggshell does not dissolve in the Coke is that the acid in Coke is phosphoric acid and calcium phosphate has a very low solubility. Calcium acetate is highly soluble so vinegar will easily dissolve the eggshell. Note that the phosphoric acid in the coke will do a pretty good job of cleaning lightly rusted cast iron or steel.

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Does sprite have more acid than vinegar?

No. Since vinegar has more acid than coke and since coke has more acid than sprite, vinegar has more acid.

How much coke or vinegar to take for acid reflux?

Coke and vinegar are both acidic, and so would make your acid reflux worse.

Is coke more acidic than vinegar?

No Coke is not more acetic than vinegar because of the acid they contain. Vinegar has an acid called acetic acid that is a lot more powerful than the acid Coke contains which only effects the enamel on your teeth. So there you have it! Really you! ;)

Can nail desolve in Pepsi or coke?

coke works way better than pepsi

What is the acid level of vinegar?

the acid level of lemon juice is less then that of coke or lemon juice. Its pH level is 3, while coke is 2.5 and lemon juice is 2.

How do people die of acid rain?

They don't die from acid rain, it's less acidic than vinegar or Coke

What common liquids are acid base or neutral?

Lemon Juice, vinegar, Coke, Tea and Coffee are Acid Milk is half neutral half acid. Tap Water is neutral.

Is the soda coke an acid or base?

Coke is an acid.

What ingredients do you need to make bubbly acid?

Mixing vinegar and baking soda will give you a bubbly acid. Coke and mentos will also make a nice display.

What will happen if you put an egg in coke?

The acid in the cola will dissolve the egg shell (calcium carbonate) over time and you will be left with an intact membranous egg floating in some nasty soda. A similar effect can be seen by leaving an egg in vinegar.

What house products contain acid?

Vinegar (Ethanol Acid), Fizzy drinks [soda, pop, coke, soft drink] (Carbonic Acid), Tea (Tannic Acid), Vitamin C products (Ascorbic Acid) and Lemons (Citric Acid)

What cleans pennies best Coke water or vinegar?


What is the acid name for coke?

Coke in and of itself is not an acid but a mixture of a variety of substance, some of which are acids. Coke contains carbonic acid and some phosphoric acid.

Can acid in a coke dissolve a shell of a egg better than vinger?

Me and my friends at school tried it as well it actually makes the egg shell thicker and harder to take the shell off and it becomes mouldy.

Does coke have acid?

Yes, Coke has carbonic acid, which makes the fizz.

What kind of acid does coke contain?

coke contain gastric acid

Which soda has the most acid coke or sprite?

coke has the most acid

Does coke or vinegar clean silver jewelry?

vinigar coke is sticky

How much carbonic acid is in coke and sprite?

coke has mokre carbonic acid

Is coke a acid or base?


Is coke a acid or alkaline?


Is coke acid or alkiline?


What will happen if you put an egg in coke and why?

Depends, shell or no shell? Then i answer.

What is the acid that makes coke and pepsi fizz?

What is the acid that makes Coke and Pepsi fizz?

Is phosphorus and phosphoric acid the same IN my report it talked about phosphoric acid in coke I looked at the ingredients in coke and it said phosphorud?

is phosphorous and phosphoric acid the same in coke?

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