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How does the atmosphere affect hurricanes?


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the atmosphere affects hurricanes because it is awesome...

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Take pictures of the hurricane. Satellites are outside the atmosphere. Hurricanes only affect things in the atmosphere.

Hurricanes increase rain which helps with moving the debri and also helps plants begin to grow back.

Global warming means there is extra heat in the atmosphere. Heat is energy, and this energy is expended in driving winds and storms, including hurricanes.

Like all weather hurricanes occur in the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere.

Hurricanes are primarily an atmosphere event, but ocean water plays a key role in how they form.

There can not well be hurricanes if there is no atmosphere.

Hurricanes help maintain thermodynamic balance in the atmosphere. Along with other phenomena hurricanes help bring heat out of the tropics and into the higher latitudes.

ummm no. there is no atmosphere

No. Tornadoes and hurricanes are atmospheric phenomena, and there is no atmosphere in space.

Hurricanes affect people economically because they destroy property

Planet Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere so it cannot have hurricanes.

As far as we know right now, Haumea does not have an atmosphere, meaning there are no hurricanes.

it will affect many wild life and people. hurricanes are strong enough to kill many

The sea and the atmosphere

hurricanes affect all states, so none. all states have hurricanes.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and virtually all other forms of weather occur in the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere.

the weather and climate is the seasons and the atmosphere but many thing can affect to it like hurricanes,tornados,earthquakes and much more

Only the hurricanes on Earth are given names. The planet Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of and therefore does not have hurricanes at all.

The moon has no atmosphere for tornadoes, hurricanes or any type of storm to form in.

hurricanes can cause gas prices to sky rocket

The atmosphere does not affect the sun. If anything the sun affects the atmosphere.

No, Pluto does not have a substantial enough atmosphere for storms.

It can affect anything like humans, houses, etc.

no,the atmosphere is just to thin.It is like a vacuum

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