Climatology and Climate Changes

What do the affects of weather and climate do to the earth?


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the weather and climate is the seasons and the atmosphere but many thing can affect to it like hurricanes,tornados,earthquakes and much more

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weather affects the rain and the snow witch affects the climate.

Ozone layer affects global warming. It then changes the climate of earth.

Water cyle affects weather and climate. Weather is completely changed after it rains.

it affects climate because it affects weather. it cools off the temprature. prevailing winds also move clouds which affects weather.

when it is in a humid climate

No, climate and weather do not cause volcanic eruptions. However weather affects the products produced by a volcanic eruption.

lighting affects the climate when it heats the sky and causes the earth to warm alot

Almost all of the energy that affects the climate on the Earth originates from the Sun.

The rivers provide irrigation and the climate affects the seasonal weather

A weather satellite is a device that orbits the earth and monitors the weather and climate.

Weather satellite monitors the climate and the weather of earth and predicts the weather ahead.

A climate is just the statistics of weather at a specific location. So the first factor for climate would be location.

A climate is just the statistics of weather at a specific location. So the first factor for climate would be location.

the ozone layer affects earth lands because it can kill many plants and animals by the UV radiation. It can make our land dry and evaporate water. it changes earth climate and weather depending on how much UV radiation we have.

Meteorology is the branch of science that studies climate, weather, and the appropriate physics.

It affects the climate because the climate zone is determined by the line of latitude.

Climate is different to weather because it is weather over a long period of time. Around the world, there are different climate regions. For example: Tundra, temperate, tropical, oceanic, polar and dessert.

It affects us and the temperature and climate of the Earth.

Ozone layer affects global warming. It then affects the climate on earth.

It is climate because there are different part's of the world

Nothing, the Earth has been here for 4.6 billion years and a change in climate and weather is a pretty common occurrence in that long history.

It is called the weather. All weather takes place in the atmosphere though it affects the ground.

The sun affects the weather on earth because the suns heat makes water evaporate from earths surface.

It depends on what effect you mean. The sun affects the weather on Earth the most and the moon affects the tides on Earth the most.

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