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I ride my bike every day and it helps your heart by a chain, okay? The chain starts like this...

  • You ride your bike.
  • You lose weight.
  • Your heart gets relaxed because it doesn't have to pump as much as it did when you weren't riding your bike because of the fat making it work harder to do actions. Simple as that.
Actually, I think that any form of exercise makes your heart beat harder/faster, which is exercise for the heart, which makes it stronger.
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Q: How does the bike help your heart?
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Does bicycling help the heart?

Yes - because when you ride a bike - the heart pumps the blood around the humans body and when the heart pumps it`s like train it self to be stronger - so when someone ride a bike it helps your heart . But if the person rides a bike too much it making even worse by making the persons heart more tired <.>

Does riding a bike help the lungs?

If you ride hard enough to get your breathing and heart rate up - yes.

Is there a built-in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike?

Yes there is a built in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike.

How do you get a bike in heart gold?

go to goldenrod citys bike shop

Does this exercise bike have a built-in heart rate monitor?

Yes, this fitness bike will track your heart rate. This does have a built in heart rate monitor as well as a Time and speed plus distance electronic meter. No, it does not have a built in heart rate monitor. Yes there is a built in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike.

What sort of home fitness will help me avoid a heart attack?

The best fitness that you can do at home to avoid a heart attack is anything that involves cardio. That includes running, walking, riding a bike and swimming

Does speed effect heart rate on bike?

If by bike you mean bicycle then: Yes if you increase your speed or the intensity for that matter then your heart rate will also increase.

What will happen if you do not have the suspension at the bottom of your dirt bike when you jump?

you will crash and heart your self and demige your bike

Will swimming help you lose thigh fat?

swimming raises your heart rate with will burn fat everywhere in your body, not just your thighs, bike riding and swimming would help lose fat

Is riding a bike healthy?

Yes it is, you sweat and are using your muscles when you bike. If you have a severe heart condition ask your doctor before you do bike though. But YES go bike it is just as good as running or swimming.

Will an indoor bike trainer help me?

If you are training for a bike race, an indoor bike trainer could help you with stamina and keep you focused on developing your body to handle each race better.

It still doesn't work with the mach bike help?

what are you meaning when u say = "It still doesn't work with the mach bike help?" =