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The Birth Control pill has no effect on HPV but you should speak to your Doctor about this.

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Q: How does the birth control pill affect HPV?
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Can you go on the birth control pill after you've had the HPV immunization?

Yes, you can start the birth control pill regardless of whether you've had the HPV immunization recently, in the past, or not at all.

Does the morning after pill affect the HPV vaccine?


Does hpv prevents pregnancy?

No it does not. Only birth control do.

How does hpv affect the uterus?

HPV does not affect the body of the uterus. HPV may affect the uterine cervix.

Can hpv affect your period?

No, HPV has no effect on your period.

Could a female become infertile with the HPV vaccination?

The HPV vaccine does not affect fertility. HPV also does not affect fertility. Treatment of severe HPV on the cervix can affect fertility, and this severe disease is prevented by the HPV vaccine. Therefore, HPV vaccine can preserve fertility.

Does HPV affect the accuracy of a chlamydia test?

No, HPV doesn't affect the accuracy of chlamydia tests.

Does the doctor take blood when you go to get birth control?

No. Before you can go on birth control you will have to get an exam from a gynocologist. And you will have to get them yearly. It is to test for HPV. Which is the human paploma virus that cause cervical cancer is women. Once you get this exam you can get birth control.

Can a woman with hpv have children?

Yes, women with HPV can have children. HPV does not directly affect fertility.

Who does hpv affect?

HPV can affect anyone....child, adult, male, doesn't forgive anyone.

Does amoxicillin affect Depo-Provera or the HPV immunization?

Amoxicillin does not affect depo provera or the HPV immunization.

Does Metronidazole cure HPV?

HPV is a virus. This medication treats bacterial infections and would have not affect on HPV

Can HPV cause miscarriage?

HPV does not cause miscarriage. It does not affect fertility at all.

Can you get pregnant even if you had HPV?

hpv does not make it harder to get or stay pregnant and it should not affect the health of your future babies. the presence of hpv itself should not affect your ability to get pregnant.

Can women still have children if they have genital HPV?

Yes. HPV does not affect future fertility.

Can chlamydia be mistaken for HPV positive?

The symptoms of chlamydia and HPV are different, except that both may have no symptoms in most patients. Chlamydia doesn't affect HPV test results, and HPV doesn't affect chlamydia test results.

Do you have to catch HPV?

Yes, you have to catch HPV in order for it to affect you. It does not show up spontaneously or naturally.

Is HPV a virus?

HPV, discovered in 1956, is a group of viruses that affect the skin and mucous membranes of humans

How does HPV affect society?

HPV affects society because of the amount of money invested in treatment and prevention.

Can you still get HPV after having a hysterectomy?

Yes, you can still get HPV after having a hysterectomy. HPV can affect many tissues that are still present after removal of the uterus.

If a woman was infected by hpv 16 could she get pregnant?

HPV infection does not affect fertility. A woman with HPV 16 should use protection if she does not want to be pregnant.

What happens if you have hpv and you get the gardasil shot?

AnswerGardasil provides immunity to several different types of HPV. If you have HPV it will not affect that infection, but it will prevent you getting infected with other types.

Can someone receive a kidney transplant if they have genital warts or hpv?

Yes, you can have a kidney transplant even if you have genital warts or HPV. Immunomodulators may affect the course of HPV disease, but HPV doesn't prevent this option.

How does HPV affect a female's body?

It can lead to Cervical Cancer.

When was HPV discovered?

HPV, discovered in 1956, is a group of viruses that affect the skin and mucous membranes of humansHPV was discovered in 1993.