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Q: How does the bull shark fit in its ecosystem?
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What ecosystem do sharks live in?

Most live in the ocean but the bull shark and Greenland shark can survive in rivers.

Is bull shark fit for human consumption?

In reality human meat is fit for human consumption. Pretty much any animal (unless poisonous) Is fit for human consumption, so yes, bull shark is fit too.

Who would win hammerhead shark or bull shark?

bull shark

Is a bull shark a real shark?

Yes there is a type a shark called a ''Bull shark''

Bull shark vs tiger shark who would win?

Bull shark.

Is the bull shark the deadliest shark in the world?

Yes a bull shark is the deadliest shark in the world most attacks and deaths are done by bull sharks

Who is bigger bull shark or great white shark?

a great white shark is bigger than a bull shark

What is the habitat of a bull shark?

the habitat of a bull shark is tropical seas

Is a bull shark a mammal?

No. The bull shark is a fish, as are all sharks.

What is the Bull shark's length?

A Bull Shark can be as big as 12 feet.

What is the difference between a bull shark and a black tip shark?

the bull shark has a bull nose and the black tip shark has a black tip on its nose :P

What is the zambizi shark?

The Zambezi Shark is a Bull Shark.

Who would win in a fight hammerhead or bull shark?

bull shark buddy

Is there only one bull shark?

there is more than one bull shark

How does a bull shark protect itself?

A bull shark protects itself by biting.

What shark has swam the farthest away from the ocean?

River sharks and Bull sharks would fit that bill.

What are facts about the bull shark?

When the bull shark goes to sleep it keeps its eyes open. All it's life the bull shark never stops moving. The bull shark is the only shark that can live in both fresh and salt water.

What is a shark niche in an ecosystem?

The niche of a shark in an ecosystem is to prevent overcrowding in it's environment.

How can you tell the difference from a tiger shark and a bull shark?

tiger shark has faint stripes on it's back and the bull shark doesnt.

What is bigger a great white or a bull shark?

A great white shark is much bigger than a bull shark. However, according to scientists a bull shark has the strongest bite of all shark species.

What is the deadliest shark on the earth?

Bull shark

What shark is in red water?

a bull shark

What is the worlds dangerest shark?

the bull shark

What shark eat anything?

Bull Shark

Is a Siberian tiger stronger than a bull shark?

A Siberian tiger is stronger that a bull shark, but not a tiger shark.