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Here is a step by step explanation of the workings of Cable Television.

  • All around the world, a multitude of television programs are produced and broadcast.
  • Satellites which orbit the earth's path are at a fixed position some 22,300 miles above the surface of the earth. Television programs from across the globe are transmitted to these satellites.
  • The signals are then sent back down to the earth to the local cable satellites serving each area.
  • Many miles of cable network are installed either underground, or on the same utility poles which carry your regular telephone and electric services.
  • The control center of the cable television companies, known as the 'head end', processes the satellite signals in combination with the signals from the local television stations and other such resources.
  • Finally, these signals are relayed into your homes through the extensive network of the previously laid cables.

This provides a cable outlet in your homes. To then access the cable television services, you need to subscribe to a cable company which will then connect a simple coaxial cable or an RF cable from the wall outlet to your television sets. You then have to program your cable ready television sets to receive the cable channels. In case you do not have a cable ready television (essentially a newer model) then you need to install a device called a converter box, and you can then receive cable television with the help of the converter.

All this helps cable television to bring you more channels from around the world instead of limiting you to local channels. In cable television, the signals are sent through cables and not through the air, thus enabling much better quality of reception than off-air reception of local television. The television signals, being via cable, are not disturbed by trees, buildings, or other surface impediments.

Cable television is thus brought into your homes and the cable television companies can offer you many international channels in addition to your local ones.

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Many different techniques are used by cable television companies to provide their customers with this service. There are companies that use a fiberoptic network of a cable. Other companies are turning to satellite technology.

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The cable company sends all their TV channels down the fibre-optic cable into your home. The set-top box 'decodes' and splits the signal it receives - so you only see one channel on your TV.

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A set top box is connected to the cable coming into a house from the outside. Another cable usually HDMI then connects the box to the tv and sends the signal from the cable to the tv.

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Q: How does the cable television service work?
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