How does the cell replicate In DNA?


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Cells do not replicate "In DNA". Cells replicate their DNA during the process of cell division.

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If the DNA did not replicate, daughter cells would not be formed.

so that there will be two sets of DNA ... one for each new cell. If the DNA doesnt replicate one new cell would have no DNA. and cells need DNA.

DNA is the genetic "instructions" for how the cell should replicate. It also controls the behavior of the cell.

The DNA only needs to replicate if the cell is going to divide. In a dividing cell the DNA must replicate in order to provide a complete copy of the genome to each new cell.

Before a cell can reproduce, it must first replicate, or make a copy of, its DNA.This is so that when it divides, each of the daughter cells will receive a copy of the DNA.

A virus replicates its DNA in a cell when it infects the host

cells must copy their DNA to replicate

During the synthetic phase of cell cycle

Because the DNA that is replicated will be put into the new cell during division

It cannot replicate without DNA. All living things are made up of DNA.

DNA must replicate itself before mitotic cell division so that the two new daughter cells have the same amount of DNA, and identical DNA.

during the s phase in interphase.

This is because each divided Cell needs it's own copy of the chromosomal DNA.

For a virus to replicate it must insert its own DNA into a host nucleus cell. This newly infected cell finds another host cell to replicate, and a viral infection is produced.

viruses replicate in the host cells. they inject their DNA inside the host cell. the host cell makes more DNA and protein capsules and burst out. new viruses are replicated.

DNA replication begins when the two sides of the DNA molecule unwind and seperate, like a zipper unzipping.

during S (DNA synthesis) phase of the cell cycle

so your dna can replicate and keep your body functioning properly

Mitochondria have circular DNA.So they can self replicate.

It needs a host cell(living cell) to replicate the virus's DNA

The original plasmid defined as a DNA molecule that can carry foreign DNA into a host cell and replicate there.

Enzymes unwind the DNA molecule into two strands.

DNA must replicate before cell division to make sure that each daughter cell is genetically identical.

They replicate their DNA during interphase.

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