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Q: How does the cost of political campaign limit who can run for political office?
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What is the biggest problem created by the fact that running for public office cost so much money?

getting campaign funds can harm the election process

Describe the costs involved in running for elected office?

The cost of running a campaign are the travel costs for sending the candidate around the electorate to make public appearances, the cost of arranging these appearances (booking halls, hiring bands , etc) and the cost for publicity- producing and airing TV and radio spots, printing and distributing campaign literature, buttons, etc, including the cost of renting campaign headquarters and telephone installation and tolls. Obviously, it costs less to run for mayor in a small town than for president of the US.

What is the cost of MCcain's campaign?

3x less than Obama's campaign.

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How much did Romney's campaign cost?

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in 2012 cost approximately $1.2 billion, making it one of the most expensive campaigns in history. The money was raised through a combination of individual contributions and support from political action committees.

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What are some things that might cost money during a presidential campaign?