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Q: How does the density and temperature change as you move from one atmosphere layer to the next?
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How do you know when you enter a new layer of the atmosphere?

temperature change

What effects the layering of earths atmosphere?

the density and temperature of the layers. The farther you go up, the less dense each layer is.

The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere. How does temperature change with altitude in the troposphere?

Temperature decreases as altitude increases.

What layer of air has greatest density of gases?


When does temperature occur?

A layer in the atmosphere in which temperature increases with altitude.

What cause the change in temperature?

Every layer of the atmosphere changes in degree because the way solar energy is absorbed it moves downward through the atmosphere.

The layer of the atmosphere with the lowest temperature is the?


What layer in the atmosphere has the highest temperature?


Which layer of the atmosphere has the highest density of gas molecules?


Which layer of the atmosphere is named after its high temperature?

The only layer I could think of would be the Thermosphere. The reason why this part of the atmosphere is so hot is that it is the top layer of the atmosphere.

Which layer of the atmosphere has gravity?

The atmosphere is NOT again I repeat NOT a layer. The layers are the exosphere, the thermosphere, the ionosphere, the mesosphere, the stratosphere, the ozonesphere, and the troposphere.

What determines a temperature of a layer of the atmosphere?

The way the layer interacts with solar radiation.