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they magically dance creating teeth

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Q: How does the dentition change of from animal to animal?
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What is dentition in mammals?

Dentition is the type of teeth an animal has and varies with the mammal's natural diet and species.

What does the dentition of an animal refer to?

The development of teeth and arrangement of teeth is referred to as dentition.Different animals have different dentition i.e., dental formula.

What are the Causes of impaired dentition?

impaired dentition cause

Effect of measles and mumps on dentition?

what are the effects of measles on dentition

What is dentition?

dentition is a tooth specialist . he/she is more trained than a dentist.

Which type of teeth are present in the permanent dentition but not in the primary dentition?

the cuspid

What are types of dentition?

The types of dentition include accordant, diphyodont, heterodont, hypsodont, pleurodont and polyphyodont. Crocodiles and kangaroos are examples of animals with polyphyodont dentition.

Is dentition single or plural?

The noun 'dentition' is a singular uncountable (mass) noun. The noun dentition is a type of aggregate noun, a wordrepresenting an indefinite number of parts.

What is the difference between natural and artificial dentition?

Dentition is the position and characteristics of natural teeth. Artificial dentition is man-made substitution for the absence of natural teeth.

What is another name for permanent teeth?

adult teeth/dentition or succedaneous teeth/dentition

When does the permanent dentition begin?

Permanent dentition begins with the eruption of the first permanent molars.

When does the permanent dentition period begin?

Permanent dentition begins with the eruption of the first permanent molars.

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