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How does the digestive system help other systems?


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Digestive system is meant for digestion of food material. It means Carbohydrates are broken down to mono-saccharides, Proteins are broken down to Amino acids,Fats are broken down to fatty acids and Glycerol.There are various Vitamins and Minerals in food. They are also absorbed.Water is also absorbed through digestive system. After absorption of these broken molecules of food, go to liver for processing. Then these food products are transferred through blood to various other organs. Mono-saccharides are used for Energy through Biological oxidation, Fatty acids and Glycerol combine to form Fats which are used for Energy and also stored in body for future need of energy. Amino acids are very important for body. They are arranged in sequence according to the need of the body as directed by Genes of particular organism and rest of them are used as source of energy.Vitamins and minerals are required for various metabolic processes and to maintain integrity of body fluids.This is how digestive system helps other systems.