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When the two orbits intersect, they will collide. Most asteroids are in orbit around the Sun, as the Earth is. They seldom cross paths, making an impact pretty rare. Most asteroids are large enough to easily make it through the Earth's atmosphere.

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What do asteroids do when they impact the Earth?

It depends how big

What are the group of asteroids that may occasionally cross earth?

Asteroids that occasionally cross the orbit of Earth are known as Near Earth Asteroids. Asteroids that both cross the orbit of the Earth and are large enough to pose a significant threat in the event of an impact are known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.

Do asteroids impact earth?

Yes, but fortunately, very rarely.

What are ways comets and asteroids can affect earth?

They can impact the Earth & damage would be relative to size.

How can you tell asteroids collide with earth?

Craters are a significant sign of collisions with asteroids therefore yes asteroids collide with Earth

Why darkness become the real killer after the asteroids impact on earth?

due to ansha farting which created most of the CO2 and methane

What is the torino impact scale?

is a method for categorizing the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects (NEOs) such as asteroids and comets. source :-

Is it possible that an asteroid could hit the earth?

An asteroid will hit the Earth, it is only a question of when. Astronomers are always tracking near earth asteroids, but we currently have no way to prevent an asteroid impact.

Are asteroids larger then earth?

asteroids vary in size from rock size to earth size and bigger.

Where was the last asteroid hit on earth?

There was one significant asteroid impact in 1908 - the Tunguska event. It is possible that smaller asteroids hit Earth after that. There was a smaller asteroid/meteor impact more recently - the Chelyabinsk event in 2013.

How do you use asteroids in a sentence?

The asteroids were coming fast to earth

Why do astronomers search for near earth asteroids?

Near-Earth asteroids have some potential to collide with Earth. The effects of an impact, even from a relatively small asteroid, could be devastating. So, scientists are working to find objects that might collide with Earth. If one is shown to be a substantial danger, then strategies for deflecting it to miss earth may be discussed.

How do you know asteroids have hit the earth?

We know that asteroids have hit the earth because they cause indentations when they hit.

Which of these hit the earth comets or asteroids?

It is possible for comets and asteroids to hit Earth, but they are extremely rare events.

Is Costa Rica safe from asteroids?

No. Asteroids can hit anywhere on earth.

What can destroy earth?


How do comets and asteroids can affect earth?

Comets and Asteroids can affect the Earth by ...A Asteroid hitting Earth and causing a crater and a Comet can cause excitement on Earth if they are spotted.

What happens to asteroids that make craters on the Moon?

The asteroids are destroyed on impact and their material becomes part of the Moon.

Are the Amor asteroids the greatest threat to life on Earth?

No, that would be apollo asteroids

How are asteroids and earth similar?

Scientist say that a large sum of asteroids did a big bang and the asteroids created the lava core in the center of the Earth, when the Earth spun the heat cooled down so that bits of rock and environment could form. So according to scientist asteroids created Earth. Basically he means that earth was made from rock

Where do asteroids strike the most?

Asteroids strike the surface of the Earth randomly. There is no place on the earth that is a preferred location for asteroid strikes.

Why do asteroids hit earth?

Asteroids hit earth because when asteroids are floating because of the gravity when it goes out of gravity it floats to earth and hits earth.And please be helpful and click if it was helpful or not and then flag it if there was something wrong and thank you.

Could asteroids destroy the earth?


Do aliens send asteroids to earth?

no it does not

Do asteroids come close to the earth?

They can.