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How does the earth recycle itself?

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one way is the rock cycle and the other is the water cycle

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What is Recycle?

Recycle is an important thing so that Earth is saved. Recycle is an important thing so that Earth is saved.

What happens if we don't recycle?

if we don't recycle, earth will be budging with landfills.

What will happen if you did not recycle?

If you do not recycle, there will be no immediate effect, but in the long run, the earth suffers

What would happen to earth if you did recycle plastic?

If we did recycle plastic, we would be able to save the Earth better :) that would be AWESOME!!!!

What more can you do to help the earth?


Why is important recycling important?

Because, when you recycle you help save the Earth from pollution. So, Recycle Please!! Not for me!! For our home... Planet Earth! :)

Why do people recycle?

People recycle to help the earth to become a cleaner and greener place!

What will happen to our earth if we diden't recycle?

earth and other things can die

Slogan about the earth?

Recycle,reuse the waste

What will be a good title of recycle?

the sours of our earth

Does the water on planet earth recycle?


Why is the reason you recycle oil?

to save the earth

In an ecosystem what recycles itself?

Well, there are many things that recycle itself. One is poop. Poop can recycle itselft in many wassys. Aslso oxygen and carbon dioxide assnd water

Does recycling pepper prevent littering?

it is better to recycle then litter because if you dont recycle then you are littering and the earth can get pretty ugly! so yeah recycle!

What would you put on an Earth Day poster?

A recycle symbol and the Earth of course

Who has done most to help earth?

To help the earth we most likely will have to recycle

Is it worth it to recycle?

yes it is not only for you it is for the earth you live on

How can kids help the earth?

Recycle , watering plants

What do humans do to help Earth?

They reduce reuse and recycle:)

How will the earth look like if you do not recycle?

pics of not recycling

Why the earth is an excellent recycler?

It can recycle ur waste!!

Why Is It Good To Recycle Materials?

It is good to recycle materials because nobody wants OUR EARTH TO BE A LANDFILL! We need to take care of OUR EARTH just like we need to take care of ourselves. IT'S IMPORTANT SO RECYCLE! I mean I know somebody who would kill someone if they didn't recycle!

What are the three themes of Earth Day?

* Reduce * Reuse * Recycle

Slogan on earth?

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Refuse the waste

Why should you all recycle al?

to keep the earth clean