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It keeps the rapid growth of bamboo from overgrowing. But because of deforestation, they are losing their food source, and homes

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How does the ecosystem effect the red panda?

how does the ecosystem effect the red panda

When did red panda become endangered?

the red panda became endangered on today

What will help stop the endangered animal the red panda?

what can we do to stop the endangered the red panda

What year did the red panda become endangered?

The red panda became endangered in 1996.

Is the red panda the most endangered panda?

Yes, the red panda is considered endangered while the giant panda is considered vulnerable.

Are red panda endangered today?

Yes, the red panda are endangered today. Sadly it has mostly been because of humans.

Is the red panda an endangered species?


When was a red panda listed as endangered?


What is the status of the red panda's endangered level?

The red panda is now considered to be endangered.

Are red panda endangered?

Red pandas are considered an endangered species. The major threat to the red panda is deforestation. Remaining red pandas live in the mountains of Nepal, Burma, and China.

Is the lesser panda rare?

The lesser panda or red panda is rare and considered to be an endangered species.

How many of panda species are endangered?

Only the red panda is considered endangered. The giant panda is now listed as vulnerable.

How has giant panda become endangered?

[people hunt it] i believe so ....... i definatley kno the red panda is .... but I'm pretty sure most species of panda are endangered

What endangered zoo animal starts with letter p?

The panda is probable the one most people know. Both the red panda and the black and white panda are endangered.

Differences between the giant panda and the red panda?

They are extremely different in size, habitat and the red pandas are less endangered than the giant panda.

When did red pandas become extinct?

The Red Panda is not extinct yet, but there is only around about 2500 Red Panda adults now and they are endangered.

What are the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the ecosystem of the red panda?

The biotic factors (derived from living organisms) that can affect the ecosystem of Red Panda are for example bamboo because they cannot live without eating it, as it gives them their nutrition and health supplement to live. Some animals can also be a biotic factor to the Red Panda, as they can be predators to the Red Panda. The biggest predator of the Red Panda is the Snow Leopard. When the Red Panda is scared

Is a red panda endangered?

Very. Only about 2000 left.

Is the red panda an extinct animal?

No, the red panda is in a vulnerabal state, almost endangered but not extinct. See the related link for further information.

How does the red panda being endangered affect ecology?

because they are gays!

Threats to snow leopards?

the red panda is endangered and that is there main food

Why is the red panda an endangered species?

Red Pandas are mainly an endangered species due to habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching and inbreeding depression.

Is a red panda bear endangered?

The conservation status of Red Pandas is vulnerable. The next step down from vulnerable is endangered so it probably won't be long before they are endangered.

Which is more endangered the giant panda or t he red panda?

the red panda is more endangered that is why you dont hear about it much red pandas are not found at most zoos like most giant pandas and if you go to china you might see plenty giant pandas but not as many red pandas red pandas are related to raccoons too!

What type of ecosystem does a red panda live in?

a forest place with lots of bamboo