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What is a hydro electric generator?

Hydro- means water. A hydro-electric generator uses moving water from a river or dam to turn the generator and produce electricity.

A generator is not required to generate electrical energy when what energy sources is used solar wind nuclear hydroelectric?

Hydro electrical

How does Hydropower generates electricity?

Hydro-power generates power with the use of a turbine, it is attached to the armature of a generator. Mechanical energy is needed to turn the turbine, this force is provided by water (hydro) it turns the turbine which in turn spins the armature of the generator and generates electrical energy.

How is the hydro energy that was collected turned into electrical energy?

The hydro energy is stored in a high reservoir before it is run down a chute to gather speed and kinetic energy, and then it hits the water turbine blades to rotate the shaft that drives the generator.

What type of energy is converted by hydro power plant of falling water into electricity?

Firstly kinetic energy into mechanical energy by turbine,then mechanical energy to electrical energy by generator.

What is the energy transformation in a generator?

The generator transforms mechanical energy to electrical energy by rotating a wired coil within a magnetic field. The mechanical energy is from steam in nuclear and combustion reactors (oil, gas coal). In hydro and wind power, it is from rotating turbines.

How is hydro power converted into electricity?

A turbine spins water creating kinetic (movement) energy. This kinetic energy is changed into electricity through a generator connected to it.

What de convice converts energy of motion into electrical energy?

any common electrical generator ... windmill, hydro, bicycle wheel, steam turbine, etc.

How much is hydro?

what is hydro energy

3 prime energy sources that are generally used that drive an electromagnetic generator?

Wind, Hydro, Gas/Coal powered power station

What energy changes takes place at the hydro electric power station?

Gravitational potential energy in the water is converted into mechanical energy by turning turbine "blades", the mechanical energy (kinetic energy) is converted to electrical energy by the electric generator.

Is a windmill considered hydro power?

No. Hydro power is power from running water driving a turbine and a generator.

What is the source of hydro power energy a model for school?

Hydro energy is energy made by water.

How is hydro power energy gathered?

The energy we can get from the movement of water or from the force of water flow is called hydropower. It produces electricity as it flows towards a turbine, spinning the turbine and activating the generator.

How does hydro turbines work?

A jet of water is diercted at a paddle wheel, making it spin. The spin is then transferred to an electric generator and turned into electric energy.

How do you change water into electricity?

You can't directly. But using a hydro generator, water pushes a generator, which generates electricity

What is the relationship between kenetic energy and electrical energy and generator?

Generator uses kinetic energy and produces electrical energy. Hence, energy is transformed in generator.

What the difference between ocean energy and hydro energy?

The difference between ocean energy and hydro energy is that ocean energy collects kinetic energy from waves in the ocean, while hydro energy collects it from water coming down from dams

A generator can transforms into?

A generator can transform energy into electrical energy :)

Function dynamo in hydro plant?

A dynamo is the generator that converts mechanical energy into electricity. It uses the water pushing against a wheel to turn it, creating electricity.

Electrical generator transfroms electrical energy into other energy?

An electrical generator generates electrical energy. It takes some kind of mechanical energy to turn the generator. The generator is said to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Where does hydro power get its energy?

Hydro is Latin for water so hydro power gets its energy from water. It's often powered by a waterwheel.

Is Hydro Energy man made or natural?

Hydro energy is man made from natural resources

How does a generator transform electrical energy?

A generator changes mechanical energy into electrical energy.

How does a generator get its energie?

Depends on what type of generator you are talking about. A Generator in an older car uses energy from the engine to produce electricity. New cars use alternators. A generator for a house can use Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel, Gasoline, or just about any combustible fluid. There are also wind and hydro electric powered generators.

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