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There is a complex answer to this, so lets put up the basics. First, very low frequency (vlf) radio frequency (rf) energy can "bend" and can travel around the world (literally) as well as penetrate water to some degree. It can be received almost anywhere on the globe. Is that enough range? U.S. Naval submarine communications uses this phenomenon. Electromagnetic radiation (emr) can also travel (propagate) via a "bounce" (can be reflected and/or refracted) off the ionized upper atmosphere (depending on frequency and angle of incidence), and, to a degree, bounce off land and water. It can thereby "bounce" its way around the world. There will be "dead spots" where the signal can't be "seen" by a receiver - unlike a circumnavigating vlf wave. Both those eventualities are power dependent, naturally. The bad news is that if one wants to get a signal from point A to point B, there are variables that will determine what "band" of transmission is best suited to the task.

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Q: How does the frequency of a radio signal affect the transmission range?
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What is the difference between am raido and FM radio?

A: AM radio is an Amplitude Modulation transmission . Meaning it has fix frequency but it is modulated by the signal. FM Frequency Modulation the frequency is modulated by the signal

Why the linear combination of a low frequency intelligence signal and a high frequency carrier signal is not effective as a radio transmission?

to shift the frequency of information signal ,at the frequency domain to a higher frequency the information can be transmitted to the receiver.

How a radio can capture the radio signal?


What is a modulation enveloped?

A: A radio transmission signal has an envelope where the carrier frequency are enveloped by the analog signal before demodulation. it can easily be seen by an oscilloscope

How do you send a digital radio signal to a FM radio?

Frequency Modulation must have a carrier whereby the frequency can be modulated by the signal

What is RF signal?

rf radio frequency

What is the difference between baseband and bandpass communication?

Base band signal is transmission of more than single frequency from zero hz to higher frequency components example : base band signal must be modulated to higher frequencies for radio transmission

Is it possible to use low frequency noise to determine if there is someone listening in on a radio transmission?

No. It is not possible to determine if someone is listening in on a radio transmission, with or without noise. The only protection you have is to scramble the signal.

What do AM and FM mean?

Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. FM is a way of adjusting a signal for transmission by radio frequency to cut out the background radiation that can create static and a weak or damaged signal; AM is simply using one frequency and amplifying it only.

What is the wave width of an FM radio wave?

2(frequency deviation+signal frequency)

What describes a signal with a frequency of 20GHz in a satellite radio transmissions?

A downlink signal; a Ka Band signal

Relate energy of radio to frequency of wave?

Energy of radio signal E = hf, Planck's constant times the frequency.

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