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it protects itself by its nose

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by swimming fastly

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Q: How does the ganges river dolphin protect itself?
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What can you find in the river Ganges?

The Ganges river dolphin. Also known as the blind dolphin!

What animals will you find in the river ganges?

Ganges River Dolphin

What are types of dolphins found in river Ganges?

The rare Ganges River Dolphin

Is the ganges river dolphin endangered?

It is extinct.

Is there any wildlife in the River Ganges except for the Ganges River Dolphin?

yes. there has been a tiger walking in the start of the river

Are Ganges river dolphins pink?

No, the Ganges river dolphin is a brownish colour. However they are a subspecies of the rare River Dolphin that is pink as well as black, white, yellow, brown, and grey.

What eats a ganges river dolphin?

Chuck Norris

What animals live in the Ganges river?

The river Ganges dolphin, the Coelacanth fish (an ancient fish) and the Gharial crocodile.

What are the five freshwater dolphins?

The Boto or Amazon River Dolphin The Franciscana or La Plata River Dolphin The Baiji or Yangtze River Dolphin The Ganges River Dolphin or Susu (Platanista gangetica), The Indus River Dolphin (Platanista minor)

What lives in the River Ganges?

There are a variety of fish and even a species of river dolphin that live in the River Ganges. This river also is the home of a very rare freshwater shark.

What do ganges river dolphins eat?

As carnivores, they eat fishes, crabs, and turtles.

What is endangering the Ganges river dolphin?

the Ganges river dolphin is endangered killing it for their skin, meat and the oil inside them that attracts certain fish. its is also endangered because people are catching them in tuna nets.