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how does the genetic makeup of a fraternal and identical differ

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Asexual reproduction occurs when offspring have identical genetic makeup to the parent. This is the method of reproduction for most single-celled organisms.

the genetic makeup SHOULD be identical. some mutations can occur so they are not completely identical but these mutations are soo minute that they are often disregarded.

The genetic makeup of the cells that result from mitosis is not different from the parent cell's. The two daughter cells are genetically identical to the parent cell.

The two daughter cells produced by mitosis are identical. Both these new cells have identical genetic makeup hence these are alike.

To keep it simple and not get too technical, fraternal twins are from two eggs and two sperm that independently combine to produce a baby. Identical twins come from a single egg and sperm that divide to create two separate children. Gender is controlled by the males sperm and whether it contains the male genetic X chromosome. Since identical twins have the same sperm their genetic makeup is exactly the same (same egg and sperm used in development). Fraternal twins have two separate sperm and therefore it is possible one has the X chromosome and other does not.

If their genetic makeup is identical then they are identical twins.

No. Except for identical twins, the genetic makeup of each person is different. However, the more closely related you are to someone, the more similar your genetic makeup. So the genetics of siblings is more similar than of first cousins.

Determining the amount of genetic influence that contributes to the makeup of personality has proved to be a difficult task. However, in studying both fraternal and identical twins, we're able to gain some insight into this mystery. After a series of tests, studies have shown that identical adult twins were more likely to answer questions in the same way than fraternal twins were. In subsequent studies, identical twins who were separated for long periods of time compared to those who weren't separated continued to exhibit the same level of personality traits.

Yes, they are genetically identical because starfish reproduce asexually, and therefore the genetic makeup of each one doesn't change.

The genetic makeup of an organism

Genotype is the genetic makeup of a trait.

There are instances where the genetic makeup of both off springs are the same. They are called identical twins

an organism's genetic makeup, or allele

Generally, each person has his or her own genetic makeup. Identical twins can have a very similar DNA>

100%Identical twins develop from the same egg, so have the same DNA. The only thing different between identical twins is finger prints, and retinal patterns.

Genetic makeup formed from both inherited alleles together is called a genotype. Homozygous alleles would be a pair of identical alleles for a single trait. Heterozygous is different alleles for a single trait.

The overall genetic makeup is called its genotype.

A genetically drawn distinction that represents its exact genetic makeup.Its genetic makeup

Recombination means their DNA may have had the same origin, but it's mixed in a way that makes them look very different. Only identical twins have an identical genetic makeup.

The observable trait that appears in an organism as a result of its genetic makeup is called a phenotype. Its underlying genetic makeup is referred to as the genotype.

Identical twins look the same because they come from the same fertilized egg. Their DNA is also identical.Identical twins have the exact same genetic makeup, if you did a DNA test on each of them, the results would be identical, therefore they would practically be the same person.However, not all identical twins look the same, this is due to environmental factors: If one twin ate very little, and the other ate a lot, the genetic makeup would not stop one being skinny and the other being fat, so strictly speaking identical twins don't have to look the same.

The genetic makeup relating to a specific trait is called a gene.

Genetic makeup is the reason a person looks the way they do, depending on the mother and father's genes. Genetic makeup determines hair color, eye color, skin color, height...etc.

Identical twins start as one egg and one sperm, and when the first cell division occurs, each new cell becomes a separate being with identical DNA (genetic makeup). Fraternal twins form from two eggs and two sperm, each fertilized within the same cycle and implanting in the uterus at or close to the same time. They are genetically different, like siblings, but occupy the uterus at the same time and are born one right after the other (usually).

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