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Q: How does the geology of a region affect the ecology of a river?
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Why is the Mekong River being threatened?

It to do with geology in the region

What has the author Arthur A Baker written?

Arthur A. Baker has written: 'Geology of the Green river Desert-cataract canyon region' -- subject(s): Geology 'Geology of the Monument valley-Navajo mountain region, San Juan county, Utah' -- subject(s): Geology

How does the geology of the great falls little belt mountains affect the water quality of the roe river and missouri river?

No one knows....

What has the author Norman Rhoderick Catto written?

Norman Rhoderick Catto has written: 'Quaternary geology and landforms of the eastern Peace River region, British Columbia, NTS 94A/1,2,7,8' -- subject(s): Economic Geology, Geology, Stratigraphic Geology

How do river in latin America affect the people in the region?

Descibe how latin amercias rivers affect the lives of people in the region

What is coastal geology?

Coastal geology studies coastal processes which affect the geology in coastal regions. Some coastal processes are effects of hurricanes, incised valleys, river migration, sedimentation, barrier island systems, estuaries, deltas, etc.

What has the author Joseph B Umpleby written?

Joseph B. Umpleby has written: 'Geology and ore deposits of the Wood River region, Idaho' -- subject(s): Formations (Geology), Geology, Igneous Rocks, Mines and mineral resources, Ore deposits, Rocks, Igneous, Rocks, Sedimentary, Sedimentary Rocks, Sedimentation and deposition

What has the author I F Ermanovics written?

I. F. Ermanovics has written: 'Precambrian geology of the Norway House and Grand Rapids map-area' -- subject(s): Geology, Stratigraphic Geology 'Geology of Berens River-Deer Lake map-area, Manitoba and Ontario and a preliminary analysis of tectonic variations in the area' -- subject(s): Geology 'The geology of the Moijabana area' -- subject(s): Geology 'The geology of the Mokgware Hills area' -- subject(s): Geology 'Precambrian geology of the Berens River' -- subject(s): Geology, Stratigraphic Geology 'Geology of Hopedale block, southern Nain Province, and the adjacent Proterozoic terranes, Labrador, Newfoundland' -- subject(s): Geology

Who began the Delaware?

Are you asking about the river? The answer would have to be 'geology' or 'God'.

What has the author Bruce A Manny written?

Bruce A Manny has written: 'The Detroit River, Michigan' -- subject(s): Stream ecology, Estuarine ecology

What has the author DCP Schledewitz written?

D.C.P Schledewitz has written: 'Geology of the cochrane and Seal River Area' -- subject(s): Geology

Why are rivers important in the water cycle and ecology?

because if theres no river no rain