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Because the treaty of Versailles made Germany look really mad and they declared war on someone else and it turned into world war 2.

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Q: How does the history of Germany relate to the cause of World War 2?
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What did Germany do to cause World War 1?

a lot.

What was the indirect cause of World War 2?

Japan and germany

How did Versailles become a cause of World War 2?

Germany was mad

Did Germany start world war 2 and why?

cause hitler want to

How did the Saar cause World War 2?

The Saar did not cause World War 2. It was returned peacefully to Germany after a plebiscite (referendum) in 1935.

What were the cause of Germany signs the treaty of Versailles?

Germany had just lost world war one, and the allies were trying to demilitarize Germany who had tO agree at this point.

What were US fighting for in World War 1?

They did it not for what is right, but cause Germany annoyed them

What caused widespread starvation in Germany?

the british blockade was the cause of the widespread starvation in Germany during World War 1

Why was Hitler important to Germany during World War 2?

because is the one who cause the world war 2

Did religion cause world war 2?

Religion, intolerance, scapegoating, and dissatisfaction with the interference into Germany after World War I

Why Germany is involved in World War 1?

cause German are part of the Triple alliances

What extent was ww1 a watershed in European history?

The world war I destabilized Europe as a whole. It laid the foundation of the second world war. The four imperial dynasties: Germany, Turkey, Russia and Austria-Hungary collapsed. It was the cause of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Would Germany be the cause of a world 3?

Doubtful. Germany is a lot more civilized than it was in the first two World Wars. They were just having some anger issues.LOL

How is history good?

cause you know what happened in the past. and how this world has changed because of it.

What did Germany do to cause high rates of inflation after world war 1?

Germany rose up with determination and knew that what they had to do was to be done, and so they did whatver they had to do.

Did the Versailles treaty help to rebuild Germany after World War 2?

I think it actually was the cause of a major loss to Germany, though it was signed to help Germany and other countries.

What cause World War 2 to come?

It was triggered by the invasion of Poland by Germany. The war was divided into two military alliances, the Axis and Allied.

Who was forced to take blame for for World War 1 and sign war guilt cause?


What was the population of Berlin in the 1930's?

i don't know but that was the beginning of world war 2 for Germany and i think it was between the 100,000,000 and 200,000,000 in Germany cause Germany rules bitches

What was the cause of war in Germany?

Hitler's desire to bring Germany back to it's original high level of influence in the world and to wipe out their loss in WW1

What was the cause for the WW2?

While the numerous causes are complex and convoluted, the basic root cause was World War I and the inequity with which Germany was treated at the close.

Cause of Austria entering World War 2?

Austria had been annexed by Germany in March 1938.

What was the initial cause of world war 2 in Europe?

Germany invading Poland on September 1, 1939.

Who did the US declare war on when they entered World War 2?

The United States was bombed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor which cause a declaration of war but Germany had an alliance with Japan and it had forced the United States to declare war on Germany too. Then Germany had an alliance with Italy which cause the United States to declare war on yet another country. Then the world was at war and therefore World War 2 started.

How did World War I help cause World War 2 to happen?

Adolf Hitler served in world war 1 and was mad that Germany lost. other countries made Germany pay their war debts. so he became leader of Germany and started world war 2. he was also trying to take over the world. still Germany lost and Hitler failed to restore the nation to glory.